Enrich BIM 360 with best-in-class model validation and issue coordination

Did you know that BIMcollab lets you build on the basics of BIM 360 by enriching its workflow with best-in-class model validation and issue coordination? The BIM 360 model viewer is integrated in BIMcollab and allows you to open models from a BIM 360 folder and add, edit & close issues in the context of that model. All without needing to upload files to a secondary repository. Also connect your BIMcollab ZOOM project folder with the BIM360 Desktop Connector to automatically retrieve and open the latest models for model validation based on shared requirements, to create issues or verify resolutions in one smooth workflow.

During this free webinar, we will review:

  • How to integrate your BIM 360 account with your BIMcollab project
  • How to connect your BIMcollab ZOOM folder with the BIM 360 Desktop Connector, to automatically retrieve the latest models for model validation to create issues or verify resolutions.
  • How to best set-up your project files
  • How to create optimized viewpoints to add issues directly from BIM360 model viewer
  • How to access raised issues across multiple software platforms (like Navisworks or Revit)
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