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BIMcollab WebViewer: involving stakeholders, elevating projects  

Join us for an insightful webinar on transforming BIM project collaboration with the new BIMcollab WebViewer, which allows you to instantly visualize large and complex federated BIM models.   

BIM challenges and solutions for every BIM Manager

Are you facing challenges as a BIM Manager in today’s fast-paced environment? Join our upcoming webinar where we’ll dive into the intricacies of BIM and data management and propose actionable workflow ideas to help you overcome various challenges. 

Discover the power of BIM collaboration | Webinar

Join our upcoming webinar to explore the upgraded BIMcollab and learn how it improves collaborative project management. Discover its benefits for both experienced professionals and those new to BIM workflows.

Unlocking Insights: A Conversation on BIM Implementation in Construction with Agron Deralla, Head of Digitalization and BIM at AllesWirdGut

Explore an insightful interview featuring Oltjona Mucaj, Business Development Executive at BIMcollab, and Agron Deralla, Head of Digitalization and BIM at AllesWirdGut in Vienna. Delve into AllesWirdGut’s digitization journey and the use of communication and issue management platforms.

Meet the new and improved BIMcollab | Webinar

Drumroll please! We are excited to reveal the next chapter of BIMcollab. One that drives model-based collaboration to the next level and empowers you to take charge of your BIM projects. Are you ready to meet the new BIMcollab? Then join our free webinar!  

How to efficiently track the progress of your BIM project to deliver on time | Linkedin Live

A BIM project usually includes many team members, (external) stakeholders a lot of information. It can be a challenge to keep track of the project’s progress. But we have solutions for you! Join this live to learn more about it.

Webinar | Enhancing construction projects: model validation and coordination

In this webinar, you will learn how you can integrate a workflow for model validation and issue coordination that will improve your construction projects. 

How to drive, collect and deliver high-quality BIM data | LinkedIn Live

We need high-quality data. For better buildings, better workflows, and of course for better communication. Don’t miss out on this LinkedIn Live where we’ll explore key questions about this topic.

unlock the future of data exchange

Webinar | Unlock the future of data exchange – boost your projects with IDS 

Get ready to immerse into the future of data exchange! In this exclusive webinar you will discover how Information Delivery Specification (IDS) will revolutionize the way you share BIM project information in the digital age. Register now for free!

How to calculate the added value of issue management | LinkedIn Live

In this LinkedIn Live event, our BIM specialist Bojana and Executive Zinzi will show you the added value of issue management. Are you ready to discover the added value of issue management for your project? Then join this LinkedIn Live.

Improve your model quality with clash detection | Webinar

Improve your model quality with clash detection | Webinar

BIMcollab Zoom is much more than a viewer. On top of data visualization, you can improve the quality of your (federated) models by using BIMcollab Zoom’s clash detection and time-saving clash grouping. Join this webinar to learn more!

Zoom in on IDS | Masterclass by Menno Mekes

Menno Mekes, as a modeller and BIM manager at Arons and Gelauff Architects, deals with digital models on a daily basis. He has also been a part of the BIM basic ILS expert committee for many years now. So it is a good reason for you to get on board for this Masterclass by Menno Mekes. He will show you what IDS is and how it works from a modeller’s perspective. Join his masterclass and learn more about it.

WHEN & HOW to get started with BIMcollab Issue Management | LinkedIn webinar

You want to improve your project coordination and start using issue management, but you are not sure where to begin? Let us show you.

Sneak Peek Webinar | Next innovations

At BIMcollab we continuously strive to offer best-in-class solutions for the construction industry. For some time, we have been developing several new technologies. In this webinar we will provide key insights on what’s coming to the platform and how BIMcollab will improve collaboration even further.

openBIM header

Webinar | openBIM vs. closedBIM | How it can transform your project

When you think about OpenBIM you probably relate it with neutral formats such as IFC, BCF, right?

OpenBIM with BIMcollab ZOOM

openBIM with BIMcollab Zoom | LinkedIn webinar

Do you want to learn about OpenBIM with BIMcollab Zoom? Or do you want to know how you can best automate clash management processes? Watch this webinar.

Webinar | A better way to drive model quality

Webinar | A better way to drive model quality

In this webinar we will show how to evaluate the quality of received models, and how to better get their imperfections solved.

Launch event | Smart Properties and how they structure your BIM data

Launch event | Smart Properties and how they structure BIM data

On June 9th we launched a new version of BIMcollab Zoom, including Smart Properties: a way to easily structure BIM data for consistent model validation. During this launch event we will demonstrate Smart Properties, and talk about all its possibilities.

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