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Launch event | Smart Properties and how they structure your BIM data

Launch event | Smart Properties and how they structure BIM data

On June 9th we launched a new version of BIMcollab Zoom, including Smart Properties: a way to easily structure BIM data for consistent model validation. During this launch event we will demonstrate Smart Properties, and talk about all its possibilities.

Webinar | Model validation made easy

We don’t have to tell you it’s important to make sure you are working with high quality models, meaning: models with reliable information, elements free of conflicts, and structured data. Achieving this may sounds like a tedious struggle, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ll tell you how.

Driving model quality | Sir Robert McAlpine

Driving model quality | Sir Robert McAlpine

As experienced heavy users of the BIMcollab platform, Nick Leach and Sassi Stark share their experience, knowledge and achieved results.

Webinar | The Power of the BIMcollab ecosystem

Webinar | The power of the BIMcollab Ecosystem

Looking for ways to run your BIM project better? Discover how the BIMcollab ecosystem can contribute to this. Bridge the gap between all stakeholders with the latest innovations from the BIMcollab platform.

BIMcollab ZOOM Nightshift

Webinar | How to automate with BIMcollab Zoom Nightshift

Zoom Nightshift can perform scripted automated tasks to automate issue management even further. It builds on BIMcollab’s Smart Issues which already reduce the time spent on clash management. By running Nightshift – for example before you start your day – Zoom can check new model versions and update Smart Issues in the cloud. Your clash overview will be up-to-date when you return to work in the morning!

solving model validation challenges

Webinar | Solving model validation challenges with BIMcollab Zoom

With BIMcollab Zoom, brand new solutions to common challenges are available. From running automated nightly checks to well-documented issues throughout the project.

Webinar | 7 reasons why BIM Managers choose BIMcollab

The road to creating a clash free, high-quality model can be quite rocky. Working with a team with multiple different software, dozens of discipline-models and thousands of clashes and issues, requires great overview and effortless communication. But as many BIM managers will confirm, creating these efficient workflows is easier said than done.

ZOOM smart issues

Webinar | How Smart Issues will automate Clash Management

Smart Issues carry all the necessary information about linked clashes to update their status automatically, without a user having to rerun clash detection rules. They are shared via the cloud and prevent duplicate reporting, even by other team members. This opens new, more reliable and parallel workflows, taking less time.

Webinar | De kracht van het BIMcollab ecosysteem

Webinar | How to get real-time Power BI reports of your BIM models

Did you know that you can connect your BIM data reports from BIMcollab to Power BI? Through the Power BI Connector (which is a live link) all your BIMcollab data is retrieved, without the need to perform any kind of programming.

Webinar | Discover Smart views in Zoom: the smartest way to start with model validation

Starting with model validation? A Smart view is a powerful tool to help you visualize and validate your model more efficiently. You can dynamically show and color-code components based on their properties and quickly gain insight in the quality of the information in your BIM model. It’s extremely easy to set up and sharable via drag & drop: ask 3rd party team members to pre-check their models against BIM requirements!

Webinar | BIMcollab Zoom: the next level

In this webinar, we will discuss the possibilities and the benefits of raising to the next level within BIMcollab Zoom.

Webinar | The new BIMcollab Zoom with Lists: data extraction reinvented!

With Lists, the new BIMcollab Zoom introduces an unprecedented solution for extracting and sharing information from your BIM model. In this webinar, we’ll show you how to create your own dynamic lists via drag & drop, how to drill down to the quantities you need and how to share Lists with all stakeholders via BIMcollab.

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