Sneak Peek Webinar | Next innovations

At BIMcollab we continuously strive to offer best-in-class solutions for the construction industry. For some time, we have been developing several new technologies. In this webinar we will provide key insights on what’s coming to the platform and how BIMcollab will improve collaboration even further moving forward.  

Online BIM viewing expanded
To allow (more) stakeholders to consume data effectively, we have developed a browser based streaming technology. In real life this provides access to federated BIM models of extreme complexity, from any device, for all level of stakeholders, without delay, installation, or downloads.

IDS: the new open standard
On top of this we collaborated with buildingSMART to implement the new open standard IDS across our platform. One standard to specify the requirements for projects that can be read by humans and computers. We added IDS fully into the BIMcollab ecosystem: from defining the specification, to checking and reporting results, to sharing the requirement to modelers through our BCF Manager plugins.

Watch the recording of this webinar where we shared these great innovations for the first time!