Webinar | How Smart Issues will automate clash management

Webinar | How Smart Issues will automate clash management

On June 8th 2021, we release a new version of BIMcollab Cloud together with a new version of ZOOM, introducing Smart Issues: an intelligent solution to the time-consuming process of clash management.

Smart Issues carry all the necessary information about linked clashes to update their status automatically, without a user having to rerun clash detection rules. They are shared via the cloud and prevent duplicate reporting, even by other team members. This opens new, more reliable and parallel workflows, taking less time.

During this (recorded) webinar, BIMcollab consultant Christian Dalhuizen will walk you through the following topics:

  • Creating Smart Issues in BIMcollab ZOOM
  • Tracing clashes to Smart Issues (and keep track of reported clashes)
  • Cloud based clash management: collaborating without duplicate reporting
  • Auto update Smart Issues with new model-versions

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