Launch event | Smart Properties and how they structure your BIM data

Launch event | Smart Properties and how they structure BIM data

On June 9th we released a new version of BIMcollab Zoom, introducing Smart Properties: a brand-new feature that can re-organize and structure BIM data to your needs. We believe this is a game changer!

With Smart Properties you can create your own properties and classifications based on existing object attributes. You can also map values from different properties to a single new, user-defined property, to be used generically within Smart Views, Clash Rules or Lists for consistent model validation and data extraction. And there are so many more possibilities!

During this launch event, BIMcollab consultant Christian Dalhuizen will walk you through the following topics:

  • Speed up validation, and list workflows
  • Simplify your BIM protocol
  • Add your own classifications
  • Enrich received BIM data

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