Smart Views

Smart Views

For simple and powerful data validation

Smart Views allow you to define filters to dynamically show and color objects based on their properties. Smart Views can be used to quickly gain insight in the quality of the information in your BIM model. When the results of a Smart View surfaces a problem, the creation of issues is close at hand.

Object outside story   Floor coverings by color   Firerating classified

Easy and accessible 

Anyone can define Smart Views, the interface is very easy to use. Just select the elements and properties you want to filter on and define the action you want: hide, add, color or set transparent. To help you get going we included several examples in the software and we will offer many more for special (country specific) topics like Cobie, ILS, Kadaster, etc. to download from our website.

Share with team members

Smart Views can be easily exported to other team members. They can import them in their turn into ZOOM to be used. This way a BIM manager can prepare special Smart Views for team to be used.

Send Smart Views to partners for pre-checking models against the BIM requirements as appointed in the project team. Smart Views are project independent.

You can setup Smart Views te be project indepentent or also to be project specific. It's up to you.

Special Smart Views for download

Included in ZOOM are examples of Smart Views. But we also provide extra special purpose Smart View sets as a download from our website. You can find for example Smart View sets for material analysis, or for checking against Basic IDM or ILS.

Check out the ZOOM download page >