BIMcollab offers local expertise in Luxembourg through BIM consultant Laurent HENIN

The BIMcollab global network has expanded, once again, by partnering up with BIM consultant Laurent HENIN in Luxembourg. As a representative of BIMcollab, Laurent HENIN will offer Luxembourg BIM professionals local advice, helping them reach the next BIM level and starting their professional issue management journey.

Latest innovations and trends in the field

Laurent HENIN works as a BIM Information Manager at the Center Hospitalier Neuro-Psychiatrique (CHNP) in Ettelbruck, Luxembourg, where he is responsible for the implementation of BIM. Since March 2020, Laurent additionally offers OpenBIM consulting services. The combination of both activities causes him to be aware of the latest innovations and trends in the field of construction digitalization and BIM. Laurent will be a valuable addition to BIMcollab as an official representative.

Erik Pijnenburg, CEO of BIMcollab: “We are happy to introduce Laurent HENIN as our BIMcollab partner in Luxembourg. With his experience and extensive BIM knowledge, we are convinced he will provide high quality BIM services and local expertise.”

‘Effective communication is the key to success’

The BIM transition in Luxembourg and neighboring countries is well on its way. A large number of companies have invested in BIM software and training over the last few years, leading to a growing need for BIM issue management. Through BIMcollab ZOOM models can be checked and validated and via BIMcollab Cloud, issues can be easily identified, assigned and corrected, saving a lot of time and preventing construction errors.

Laurent HENIN: “Effective communication is the key to success in carrying out projects. BIMcollab will offer the Luxembourg market a solution allowing to visualize, centralize, trace and document the collaboration based on BIM models.”

Removing barriers

The growing interest in BIMcollab is driving the creation of a strong partner and agent network, enabling high quality services to customers in a growing number of regions in the world. No longer restricted by languages or time zones.