Best-in-class model validation with BIMcollab ZOOM

Fast clash detection, dynamic data extraction, smart issues and integrated issue management

The speed and the childishly simple interface makes BIMcollab ZOOM very attractive.

Menno de Jong
Project Manager, FORM

Best-in-class model validation

Fastest clash detection

Get more efficient with fast clash detection and time-saving clash grouping

Time-saving Smart Issues

An unique solution to time-consuming clash management

Drag and drop sharing

Create clash rules and share them with your team, together with Smart views and Lists.

Model data extraction

Create your own dynamic lists and easily drill down to the quantities you need.

Power BI reporting

Use your BIM model data to fuel insightful real-time dashboards of your project(s).

Coordinate clashes

Batch generate issues and let your team synchronize with a single click

Discover our unique Smart Issues

An intelligent solution to time-consuming clash management

Smart Issues know the clashes they represent, to which objects they belong, and when they are reported or solved. This solution prevents the overhead caused by redundant clash-reporting, even by other team members. Smart issues can check the status of linked clashes automatically, without a user having to rerun clash-detection rules. This opens new, more reliable and smarter workflows, taking less time.

In short;

  • Issues ‘know’ clashes
  • You’ll prevent duplicate reporting
  • The progress is visible in the cloud
  • Clash-boxes with color-coded status

“Wow… wow… WOW! Smart Issues are a quantum leap forward”

Tobias Döring
BIM manager, hammeskrause architekten

Try out our Lists feature

Data extraction reinvented

BIMcollab ZOOM offers an unprecedented solution for extracting and sharing information from your BIM model: Lists. Create your own dynamic lists via drag & drop and easily drill down to the quantities you need. Lists has multiple options:

  • Easily define lists to combine BIM information that you need for your project. Just drag & drop.
  • Work with insightful property tables, Excel-like pivot grids or raw dashboard data.
  • Interact with your model while clicking results. Get to the bottom of understanding the design.
  • Share your lists with your team via BIMcollab Cloud to view online or with other ZOOM users (even those who have the free version). Start with real cloud collaboration.
  • Connect with Power BI for advanced real-time reporting.

“We really appreciate how simple BIMcollab ZOOM is to use, and that it’s very well connected to the clash detection data on BIMcollab Cloud”

Marco Benelli
Lead Digital Engineer, VINCI

Check out our clash detection

It’s the fastest available

The clash detection in ZOOM is amazingly fast and accurate for detecting clashes in your BIM models. Visualize, group and report issues with ease and share everything (including clash rules) with your team.