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BIMcollab Cloud

Meet the most versatile issue management platform in the world

BIMcollab Cloud is an issue collaboration platform for BIM, built on the widely accepted IFC and BCF open standards. BIMcollab Cloud simplifies issue management, and offers a structured way of storing, sharing and solving issue including reliable history tracking in any BIM development process, ánd integrated with all popular BIM tools.

BIMcollab ZOOM

The world’s most intuitive model validation and clash detection tool

BIMcollab ZOOM brings IFC model viewing, validating and clash detection fully integrated into the issue management workflow. ZOOM is the perfect tool to discuss issues in review meetings, helps to analyse data to find design flaws and to verify solutions. Navigation is fast, intuitive and smooth, even with large models.

BCF Manager

Connect with your favorite BIM tools & more

BIMcollab Cloud is connected to the popular BIM tools like Revit, ARCHICAD, Navisworks, Solibri and Tekla Structures and more, through our integrated BCF Managers or API. Create and share with team members whether they are working with the same or different BIM tools. Note: our BCF managers can also be used to open and edit BCF files for direct use in your BIM tool.

Better together

Together our software solutions form a highly effective and seamless power package. Check BIM models, directly communicate issues to your team right where they need it: in the context of model-authoring, and keep track of progress. All in one ecosystem, resulting in a firm grip on your projects.

BIMcollab bridges the gap between BIM applications.

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“Only with BIMcollab Cloud and BIMcollab ZOOM we can guarantee clash free models to our customers within budget.”
– Thomas Schäfer, CEO and IT Specialist at DCMvn

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Recorded webinar

The BIMcollab ecosystem offers all you need to communicate effectively about requirements, model checks, information retrieval and issues. With the ultimate goal of reaching the highest quality of BIM.

In this recorded webinar, our BIMcollab consultant will take you on a tour: from starting a project, all the way to real-time reporting. Including multiple live demonstrations of BIMcollab Cloud, BIMcollab ZOOM and the BCF Managers.

7 questions about successful BIM projects


The BIM revolution is in full swing, leading to more and more companies implementing BIM into their projects. Even the simplest projects involve multiple disciplines, all using their own software. Of course, this is a great development. But it raises a lot of questions and challenges as well.

In this ebook, BIM specialist Ferran Masip, will walk you through the essence of successful BIM.

9 important questions (and answers) about Smart Issues


Last June, Smart Issues were introduced as part of the BIMcollab ecosystem. Smart Issues offer BIM managers new, more reliable and time saving workflows by carrying all the necessary information about linked clashes to automatically be checked, updated and closed.

Smart Issues also prevent duplicate reporting, even by other team members. In this blog, we give answer to the 9 most commonly asked questions.

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