Exciting new workflows

We’re now offering a unique combination of issue management and file sharing possibilities. The integration works throughout the whole ecosystem: setup the connection and access-rights via BIMcollab Cloud and you’ll notice that BIMcollab ZOOM will automatically know where to find the model files when connecting to a project. It’s as easy as that.

Dropbox Business + BIMcollab = CDE

Work with federated models in BIMcollab ZOOM right from shared Dropbox folders and manage access from your BIMcollab project settings.

When BIMcollab ZOOM connects to a project it will not only download the federated model structure and find the files in your Dropbox folder, but it also receives all defined requirements (e.g. smart views, clash rules) and all active issues in that project.

Create, save and share

Model validation and -sharing integrated

Sharing files via web-based services have quickly become an important part of our day-to-day work. Many of our clients simply use Dropbox Business for sharing project files. We took that a step further by adding BIMcollab’s sharing of issues, smart-views, clash-rules ánd model setup. The combination with BIMcollab ZOOM offers an even more powerfull integration of model validation, modelsharing ánd issue management.

How to integrate BIMcollab with Dropbox Business

Next to a BIMcollab Connected account you need to have a Dropbox Business account. An integration can only be setup by a project leader who has administrator rights on the Dropbox Business account. In just 5 steps you can set up a Dropbox integration with BIMcollab.

Connect Dropbox Business today

Get started with our Connected plan and synchronize your federated models via Dropbox Business in the context of model validation and issue management!