Gestion des problèmes BIMcollab : maintenant intégrée à la nouvelle version de Vectorworks

BIMcollab et Vectorworks ont annoncé une intégration garantissant aux utilisateurs de Vectorworks l’accès direct à la plateforme de gestion des problèmes BIMcollab.

NCC consolide sa stratégie d’assurance qualité BIM avec l’adoption de BIMcollab Cloud et ZOOM à l’échelle de toute l’entreprise

BIMcollab, leader en solutions AEC ; et NCC, grande entreprise de construction scandinave, ont conclu un contrat de plusieurs années pour l’utilisation de solutions d’assurance qualité BIM. Notamment, BIMcollab Cloud pour la gestion des problèmes et BIMcollab ZOOM pour la vérification des modèles.

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BCF Manager Release

Modernized for more productivity – that is what we are trying to achieve at BIMcollab. We are always working towards delivering the best possible solutions to your BIM needs. For that reason, we are happy to present to you, our newest releases! BCF ManagerIn this release, the user interface has been fully renewed and modernized

BIMcollab Cloud’s newest release

​We’re adding some of the most requested features! BIMcollab Cloud’s newest release is here! We are always researching and developing our solutions towards your needs to make your BIM life easier. Why work harder when you can work smarter?

New feature in BIMcollab ZOOM: structure BIM data to your needs with Smart Properties

The newest version of BIMcollab ZOOM – releasing June 9th – will include a game changing feature: Smart Properties. With Smart Properties, you can re-organize and structure BIM data by creating your own properties and classifications based on existing object attributes. Or map values from different properties to a single new, user-defined property.

New! May release of BIMcollab Cloud

In our continuous efforts to add more value to our products, we released a new version of BIMcollab Cloud this month. Continue reading to learn more about the increased security in all plans and improved model loading in Autodesk Docs with 50%.