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Frequently Asked Questions

Free for education

We offer our solutions for free to schools and universities. Students all over the world can practice with BIMcollab Cloud, ZOOM and the BCF managers for free to learn optimal BIM workflows. Give your students a jump start on the job-market by educating state-of-the-art BIM software.

Just mail to and we'll set you up in a day!

BIMcollab on-premise version

What is the BIMcollab on-premise version?

The on-premise version is a special version of BIMcollab Cloud we can install with your help on one of your servers. It allows you to have full control of data security, but also up-time and back-ups. While the cloud-based version is very cost-efficient since we take care of all that.

When do you choose for on-premise?

Although our data center and data security complies to the highest standards, it might be needed for some projects that the data is hosted in a specific country or on privately owned servers. In that case the on-premise version offers a good solution.