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Fast clash detection integrated with professional issue management to speed up your BIM execution process

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Your team aims to create high quality BIM models without any issues. To do so, the entire project team should have access to the right BIM requirements and to all relevant issues which need solving. BIMcollab ZOOM is easy to learn and helps to find information flaws, to communicate them in early stages via BIMcollab Cloud and to verify solutions. It's the only BIM validation tool that is fully integrated in issue management workflows. Detect, share, solve.
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New in BIMcollab ZOOM: Smart Properties

Easily structure BIM data to your needs, for consistent model validation.

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Smooth navigation

High frame rates and smooth navigation for ALL model sizes

Fastest clash detection

Get more efficient with fast clash detection and time-saving clash grouping

Time-saving Smart Issues

An intelligent solution to time-consuming clash management

Model data extraction

Create your own dynamic lists and easily drill down to the quantities you need

Drag and drop sharing

Use the same BIM requirements by sharing Smart views, Clash rules and Lists

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43.000 active ZOOM users

"BIMcollab ZOOM provides a clearer graphical image compared to other BIM tools.”

- Pascal Croes, BureauEAU

"The fact that it's easy to use and exceptionally fast is what distinguishes BIMcollab ZOOM from its competitors.”

- Thomas Schäfer, DCMvn

"BIMcollab ZOOM is a tool that brings us enormous time and efficiency savings."

- Josh Crystal, Maber

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  • Rule based approach for checking requirements, clash detection and data extraction
  • Automated checking, validating and documenting of issues found
  • Clear visualization of clash results including progress tracking
  • Pushing model data to the cloud and Power BI dashboards

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