ZOOM bim data

New BIMcollab revolutionizes the extraction and sharing of BIM data

The new BIMcollab ecosystem revolutionizes the way you extract and share information from your BIM model. With BIMcollab Zoom you can now create insightful overviews via flexible pivot grids, using drag and drop. Dynamically drill down to the quantities you need, while interacting with your BIM model.

Additionally, all lists can easily be shared and viewed via BIMcollab Nexus, to other Zoom users in your team or exported to PDF, XLS or CSV. Advanced reporting is extremely easy due to a direct connection to Microsoft Power BI. The new BIMcollab ecosystem empowers optimal BIM collaboration.

Flexible pivot tables

The new Lists features enables you to create multiple types of lists. Next to the standard property lists most BIM tools provide, Zoom offers intuitive pivot grids, where data fields can be dragged & dropped across filters, columns, rows and values with no limitations. The results are immediately displayed in an interactive overview, where every click visually shows you the related components in your 3D view.

Sharing BIM information made easy

Getting relevant BIM information to your stakeholders has never been easier. The new Zoom facilitates effortless sharing of defined Lists via BIMcollab Nexus to all team members. They can view Lists in the BIMcollab Nexus or in BIMcollab Zoom (even with the Viewer version) when connecting to the project. Anyone will have access to correct and up-to-date BIM information.

Connect BIM data to Power BI

BIMcollab’s updated Power BI connector can directly access Lists data, allowing you to create advanced dashboards and reports with the world’s most used data visualization tool. This enables a real-time insight into the progress and quality of your BIM model, even for the non-BIM users among your stakeholders.

Model loading five times faster

The latest BIMcollab Zoom also offers several other improvements. Project setups, like model and folder structures, whether on local servers or file-sharing systems, can now be shared via BIMcollab Nexus, allowing team members to find and open the right models by simply connecting to a project. Like in every update the performance has been improved as well. From now on, BIMcollab Zoom will load your models up to five times faster than other viewers on the market.

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