BIMcollab estrena su plataforma para Digital twin en todo el mundo

Con dos importantes lanzamientos, BIMcollab transforma su oferta global y pasa de ser una de las plataformas de gestión de incidencias BIM más utilizadas del mundo a un ecosistema en el que extiende sus soluciones potenciadas de coordinación BIM en línea con una eficaz plataforma para Digital twin.

IDS release

BIMcollab introduce el nuevo estándar IDS de buildingSMART en todo el ecosistema 

BIMcollab, anuncia la expansión de su ecosistema con la inclusión del nuevo estándar IDS (Especificación de entrega de información) de BuildingSmart.


BIMcollab acelera su crecimiento con la adquisición de BIMlink 

BIMcollab, desarrollado por KUBUS BV, anuncia la adquisición de BIMlink, una reconocida empresa holandesa desarrolladora de un Entorno Común de Datos (CDE) centrado en BIM para la industria de la construcción.


BIMcollab issue management integrated in latest release of Vectorworks

BIMcollab and Vectorworks have announced an integration to guarantee Vectorworks users direct access to the BIMcollab Cloud issue management platform.


NCC da el siguiente paso para asegurar la calidad BIM con la implementación de BIMcollab Nexus y Zoom en toda la empresa

BIMcollab, un proveedor líder de soluciones AEC y NCC, una empresa de construcción líder en los países nórdicos, han acordado un contrato plurianual para utilizar sus soluciones para asegurar la calidad de BIM, incluyendo BIMcollab Nexus para la gestión de incidencias y BIMcollab Zoom para la comprobación de modelos.

BCFmanager release

BCF Manager Release

Modernized for more productivity – that is what we are trying to achieve at BIMcollab. We are always working towards delivering the best possible solutions to your BIM needs. For that reason, we are happy to present to you, our newest releases! BCF ManagerIn this release, the user interface has been fully renewed and modernized

Cloud release

BIMcollab Nexus’ newest release

We’re adding some of the most requested features! BIMcollab Nexus’ newest release is here! We are always researching and developing our solutions towards your needs to make your BIM life easier. Why work harder when you can work smarter?

Smart Proporties

New feature in BIMcollab Zoom: structure BIM data to your needs with Smart Properties

The newest version of BIMcollab Zoom – releasing June 9th – will include a game changing feature: Smart Properties. With Smart Properties, you can re-organize and structure BIM data by creating your own properties and classifications based on existing object attributes. Or map values from different properties to a single new, user-defined property.

Cloud release

New! May release of BIMcollab Nexus

In our continuous efforts to add more value to our products, we released a new version of BIMcollab Nexus this month. Continue reading to learn more about the increased security in all plans and improved model loading in Autodesk Docs with 50%.

3Dconnextion integration

BIMcollab Zoom – 3Dconnexion integration ensures easy, quick and efficient model validation

BIMcollab and 3Dconnexion have announced a brand-new integration partnership, enabling BIMcollab Zoom users to work with models using the acclaimed SpaceMouse. BIM professionals working with Zoom can now experience a faster, more efficient operation due to quick commands, controlled movement acceleration and various navigation modes.

Zoom Nightshift

New BIMcollab Zoom introduces Nightshift for automated tasks

With the new version of BIMcollab Zoom, you can perform scripted automated tasks and automates issue management even further. Zoom Nightshift builds on BIMcollab’s Smart Issues which already reduce the time spent on clash management.

Smart Issues

An innovative approach: BIMcollab’s Smart Issues automate the time-consuming process of clash management

The newest version of BIMcollab Nexus and BIMcollab Zoom introduces Smart Issues: an intelligent solution to the time-consuming process of clash management. A first in the world of BIM. Smart Issues emerged from BIMcollab’s powerful combination of model validation and issue management.

ZOOM fast loading

New BIMcollab Zoom reduces loading times and is one of the first BIM tools to natively support Apple Silicon chips

BIMcollab released a new and even faster version of their popular model validation tool BIMcollab Zoom. Using multi-thread technology, Zoom drastically reduces loading times for large sets of models. This development enables users to get to work faster and maintain focus on what matters most: achieving high quality BIM models.

Elitecad integration

BIMcollab is now integrated in ELITECAD for synchronized issue coordination

BIMcollab and XEOMETRIC announced a brand-new integration partnership, enabling users of ELITECAD to manage and coordinate issues straight from within their software. By directly synchronizing with BIMcollab Nexus, issues are always up-to-date and available for the entire project team.

Japanese translations

BIMcollab fuels Japanese BIM issue management and model validation

Japanese BIM professionals can now use top of the line issue management with integrated model validation and requirement-sharing without having to overcome a language barrier. In collaboration with one of Japan’s most renowned design & construct firms, the entire BIMcollab ecosystem is translated into Japanese. This includes the popular BIMcollab Nexus and BIMcollab Zoom, which are used by more than 90,000 BIM professionals worldwide.

Xinaps link

Integrated issue management and model checking in the cloud with the BIMcollab-Verifi3D link

BIMcollab and Xinaps announce an integration in one of the least digitalized parts of late design and pre-construction stage. The newly introduced interworking between Xinaps’ model checker, Verifi3D, and BIMcollab’s issue management software offers another seamless, comprehensive workflow within the model checking process.

ZOOM bim data

New BIMcollab revolutionizes the extraction and sharing of BIM data

The new BIMcollab ecosystem revolutionizes the way you extract and share information from your BIM model. With BIMcollab Zoom you can now create insightful overviews via flexible pivot grids, using drag and drop. Dynamically drill down to the quantities you need, while interacting with your BIM model. Additionally, all lists can easily be shared and viewed.

VR integration

Vixel and BIMcollab announce VR – BCF integration

The integration partnership between Vixel and BIMcollab enables users of Vrex and BIMcollab to collaborate and work on three dimensional models using virtual reality (VR) and professional issue management. All issues from BIMcollab are directly available to the user through Vrex. Users can create new issues and review or comment on existing issues.