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BEXEL Integrates BIMcollab BCF Manager in BEXEL Manager 10

Consulting announced that the BIMcollab BCF Manager has been integrated into their BIM Management software BEXEL Manager 10. The integration is the first development based on BIMcollab’s SDK with more in the pipeline to come. With this integration BEXEL customers can now also enjoy all benefits of the BIMcollab ecosystem.
“We are thrilled that BIMcollab’s leading BCF solution is coming to Bexel Manager.” According to Djordje Lukic Senior BIM Manager at BEXEL Consulting. “Accessing and managing issue data is easier than ever using BIMcollab’s cloud-based issue management ecosystem and Bexel Manager integrated BIM solution!”

The possibility to exchange issues directly with other BIM tools like Revit, ARCHICAD, Tekla or any of the other linked BIM authoring tools, is key to implementing a smooth BIM workflow for the multidisciplinary cooperation between companies. Just drag and drop clashes into the BCF Manager, assign them to team members and include comments, properties. Share within the BIM project team: each team member can open issues in their own BIM tool to find issues quickly and resolve them.

“At BIMcollab, we believe that a smooth collaboration is essential for successful BIM projects. Therefore, we strive to connect as many BIM tools as possible to empower the crucial communication in BIM teams,” said Erik Pijnenburg CEO at KUBUS. “We created the SDK exactly for this reason, and are very proud to welcome BEXEL into our issue management ecosystem.”

BEXEL’s BIMcollab integration is now available in the latest release of BEXEL Manager 10. To learn more about this integration please visit:

About BEXEL Manager

BEXEL Consulting is a modern, high-tech BIM software development company with strong background in providing construction and engineering consultancy services. BEXEL Manager platform is based on 3D Building Information Modeling and Virtual Design & Construction technologies, which entail development of rich, virtual, 3D models of buildings and complex analyses of those models providing invaluable information, early in the project’s life cycle. BEXEL Manager platform is designed to tackle common illnesses of the industry which arise from poor coordination, inefficiency and imprecision.

About BIMcollab® Ecosystem

BIMcollab is a ground breaking BCF based BIM issue management ecosystem in the cloud. It operates across applications and bridges the communication gap between BIM tools. Today, BIMcollab’s ecosystem improves the collaboration for over 65.000 users worldwide. It includes BIMcollab ZOOM, world’s fastest IFC viewer to analyze and validate IFC data, and many plugins called BCF managers for seamless integration with all major BIM tools, allowing to zoom exactly to the right location and highlight the problematic objects. BIMcollab targets the multidisciplinary cooperation between companies to manage issues during design and construction phases.