Faster than ever

All BIMcollab BCF Managers have gone through a thorough refactoring process to remove performance bottlenecks. This resulted in record-braking performances, especially when working with large projects. The new BCF Managers also offer many other workflow improvements that’ll make your issue management significantly smoother.

Creating issues


Faster in
Revit & Tekla

Finding issues


Faster in
Revit & Tekla

Importing clashes up to


Faster in

Updating clashes up to


Faster in

Performance in numbers

Each and every BCF Manager has been rebuild to offer you even more speed when working with large and complex projects. Here are some examples:

Other enhancements

Tile view added in issue-panel

Make snapshots in non-administrator mode

Improved isolation of components on zoom-to

Creating snapshots and issues much faster on large models

Selectable View templates per team memeber in work-sharing mode

Optimized workflow when synchronizing clashes to issues

Direct responsiveness of the import clashes dialogs in any project size

Automatic optimization of viewpoints for fast zoom-to’s

Large project? Bring it on!

Download the free BCF Manager today

Smoothly create, resolve, look up and comment on issues directly in your own BIM software, even in in large, complex projects.