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BIMcollab is a set of solutions designed to create and share BIM-based building or infrastructure data. It drives model-based collaboration with platforms for BIM coordination, model checking, issue management, takeoffs, document management and asset management. BIMcollab offers a single source of truth for the whole lifecycle of the structure, empowering you to create and use a Digital Twin from design and build to maintain and operate. 

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They are ISO 19650 compliant to use as Common Data Environment 

BIMcollab Nexus

BIMcollab Nexus is a BIM coordination solution that drives model-based collaboration by centralizing BIM requirements (IDS), model collaboration, information takeoffs and issue management in the cloud. ​Built on the widely accepted IFC, BCF and IDS open standards, BIMcollab Nexus simplifies any collaborative design process. Include any stakeholder and improve decision-making. 

BIMcollab Zoom

BIMcollab Zoom is a fast and intuitive model checker that offers rule-based data and geometry checks and information takeoffs. Integrate model viewing and checking into your issue management workflow for efficient clash management. Share requirements, checking rules, and takeoffs with BIMcollab Nexus and involve your stakeholders with customized Smart Views.  

BIMcollab Twin

BIMcollab Twin is a model-centric document management system to store, manage and share building and infrastructure data. A single source of truth for every project phase. All information can be linked to objects in the 3D model for a clear insight into project progress and data quality. Standardize data quality with Protocols and automate the approval process with Workflows to create a high-quality Digital Twin.  

Extremely fast, streaming BIM WebViewer

Check out our newly developed BIM WebViewer. Be amazed by how quickly the WebViewer can open and visualize any size of federated BIM model, directly in your browser!  

BIMcollab – Driving model-based collaboration

How our customers use BIMcollab

Tyréns using BIMcollab for their infrastructure project

Nexus ensures efficient communication for Tyréns

When working on extensive construction and infrastructure projects, effective communication between stakeholders is key. That is why Tyréns Sverige AB has implemented BIMcollab Nexus in one of their key infrastructure projects.

Dutch National Police digitizes real estate with BIMcollab Twin

This spring, the National Police took an important step with BIMcollab Twin in setting up a future-proof digital real estate file. All real estate has been digitally mapped. Information is now centrally accessible via BIMcollab Twin.

BIMcollab enables easy issue management for Dornan Group

Cluttered Excel sheets and exported viewpoints from Navisworks were no longer a feasible option for Dornan Group. BIMcollab was the answer. Read all about how Dornan Group has centralized their issue management with BIMcollab Nexus.

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