BIMcollab Twin offers model-based document and asset management to store, manage and share building and infrastructure data. A Digital Twin platform to create and work together on data and to easily involve stakeholders.

All information, including communication, can be linked to objects in the 3D model.  BIMcollab Twin drives BIM adoption and model-based collaboration in your projects.

Structure data, not documents 

Document management is the core of BIMcollab Twin: simply drop any document type in the platform and link it to 3D objects in BIM. BIMcollab Twin automatically manages version history and tracks activity, such as who viewed or edited a file and when. Use the spatial structure of your building to organize data and easily search per space, floor, and so on.  

Verify and automate for data quality   

Creating a uniform online building dossier depends highly on clear agreements and automated checks and workflows. In BIMcollab Twin, the features Protocols and Workflows take care of exactly that. Give all participants access to quality data and enable data-based decisions for realization, renovation or operation. 

Streamlined collaboration 

BIMcollab Twin streamlines collaboration between team members and stakeholders. View and edit documents together and work with information based on a team member’s role. BIMcollab Twin tracks revisions and prevents mistakes by working with data that is always up to date. Access approved and published documents in a central overview, check the status of drawings on site by simply scanning an automatically generated QR-code, and prepare work packages for stakeholders or for onsite usage. 

BIMcollab Twin has been developed by specialists with decades of BIM experience in the complex multidisciplinary domain of the modern construction industry. 

Personalized communication

With  BIMcollab Twin  you can create, follow-up or co-work on requests for information, questions, action lists or other issues. Your personal dashboard provides you with a communication overview of all projects you are involved in. All tasks, assignments and questions are clear at one glance. You can choose how to receive notifications about relevant information. Create document sets, for  example for confidential or official  communication, like  permits, licenses, or contracts.   

Model management 

BIM models become bigger and bigger, containing thousands of elements and properties with a wealth of information. That information can only be used effectively when it is easily accessible to all stakeholders. That is exactly what our Model WebViewer does. It runs in any browser, is super-fast and easy to use.   

BIM coordinators can prepare model setups and manage federated models for team members. Link Documents, communication, and Forms to objects in your models. You can also prepare and share Smart Views and information takeoffs to include and engage any stakeholder, by giving them the data they need.   

Use BIMcollab Zoom for creating Smart Views and Lists, and BIMcollab Nexus for sharing them with BIMcollab Twin. 

Asset management for owners 

Owners or managers of buildings or civil engineering structures with a large portfolio can organize their data and maintenance projects per location and location-groups. Assign maintenance teams to multiple locations and prepare dedicated plans or overviews (such as elevator checks) for all locations and buildings. With the detailed settings for roles and access rights, BIMcollab Twin can be tailored to any Asset Manager’s needs. With our API, all data can be linked to various third party FMIS software suppliers.  

Are you an Asset Manager considering a transition to BIM?   
BIMcollab Twin supports traditional as well as BIM-based workflows to help you with a smooth transition to a modern way of working.

Your data is safe  

BIMcollab runs on the highest security demands, and all sensitive data is encrypted in our database. Your data is backed up daily and is securely stored. We are ISO 27001 certified, a worldwide standard for information security management systems

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