Tyréns using BIMcollab for their infrastructure project

BIMcollab Nexus enables efficient communication for all disciplines involved in Tyréns’ projects

For any project, effective communication between stakeholders is key. Especially for large infrastructure projects that involve many stakeholders from various disciplines. In this customer story, Joel Meier, BIM Coordinator at Tyréns, illustrates how BIMcollab Nexus has improved communication for all disciplines involved in their projects.

Better project management and easy communication for Ø.M. Fjeld by using BIMcollab

How Ø.M. Fjeld uses issue management for easy communication and better project management

John Ola Bakken, BIM Coordinator at Ø.M. Fjeld, a Norwegian construction company, elaborates on his experience with BIMcollab. The “Verket Brygge 2” project is a perfect example of how issue management with BIMcollab Nexus enables easy communication and better project management for Ø.M. Fjeld.

BIMcollab Twin | Dutch National Police digitizes real estate with BIMcollab Twin

This spring, the National Police took an important step with BIMcollab Twin in setting up a future-proof digital real estate file. All real estate has been fully inventoried and digitally mapped over the past four years. And the police has quite a bit of real estate; 1.9 million square meters in more than 1,000 buildings.

BIMcollab Twin | TU Delft officially takes use of cloud platform BIMcollab Twin

Last year, Dutch university TU Delft chose BIMcollab Twin as the online building file for the management of real estate data of all university buildings and accommodation. The structuring and adding of data into BIMcollab Twin was carried out under the leadership of Brink in collaboration with a team of data specialists from the TU

BIMcollab Twin | RED Company chooses BIMcollab Twin as real estate record for The BaanTower

RED Company has chosen for BIMcollab Twin as the online real estate file during the construction of The BaanTower. The tower in the heart of Rotterdam was designed by the architect firm Powerhouse Company. At the end of June, the go-ahead was given for the construction of the residential high-rise with high-quality apartments, which will start

BIMcollab ensures optimal project communication for BIM Technologies

Optimal project communication for BIM Technologies with BIMcollab

Using it as their default issue management platform, BIM Technologies reflects upon how BIMcollab has improved project communication, resulting in more efficient and structured projects. Stephen King elaborates on the advantages of BIMcollab and shares a practical usage example. Read on to learn more!

Dornan project

Why BIMcollab enables easy issue management for Dornan Group

Cluttered Excel sheets and exported viewpoints from Navisworks were no longer a feasible option for Dornan Group. BIMcollab was the answer. Read all about how Dornan Group has centralized their issue management trough BIMcollab.

How VINCI Building improved clash management with BIMcollab

How VINCI Building improved clash management efficiency with BIMcollab Nexus

VINCI Building experienced an inefficient clash management process. To ensure all clashes are detected, managed and resolved in time, BIMcollab Nexus has been implemented. The VINCI building team elaborates on how they have improved their clash management efficiency and overal construction process using BIMcollab Nexus.

A digital side of reconstruction: the views of a BIM Coordinator

Two exciting renovation and reconstruction projects are currently taking place in Tallinn’s seafront and Tallinn’s inner city coordinated by TARCON. Janno Otsmaa and Taavi Liiv are both BIM coordinators in TARCON and we had a very interesting chat as they walked us through some of their learnings and day-to-day experiences working with BIMcollab on these projects.


How BIMcollab adds value in property and construction consultancy for McBains

McBains is a self-contained, highly experienced property and construction consultancy located in London, UK. Established 230 years ago, they work within Architecture, Structures and Civil Engineer, MEP, Quantity Surveying, Project Management amongst other disciplines.

Delivering high-quality projects with BIMcollab

Delivering high-quality projects with BIMcollab

C3 BIM AS provides BIM consulting, coordination, and collaboration services to all disciplines within the AEC industry. Their clients include architects, project managers, construction managers, contractors, developers, and property management companies. Through the use of BIMcollab on many of their projects, they ensure a coordinated BIM process regardless of the size and complexity of the project.

BIM process Zaha Hadid

How Zaha Hadid Architects transformed their BIM process using BIMcollab

For the Fornebu station (FBU), together with FOB Oslo Kommune, A_LAB, and PGF, Zaha Hadid Architects have been using BIMcollab Nexus since the early stage of the design. Zrinka Radic, Architectural Designer at Zaha Hadid, emphasizes that by using BIMcollab Nexus, the company can fully collaborate with FOB Oslo Kommune, their client, also with local architects A_LAB and consultants PGF. 

BIMcollab Twin | TU Delft chooses BIMcollab Twin to manage real estate in the cloud

With TU Delft, BIMcollab has a third major university that relies on the BIMcollab Twin platform for property management in a future-proof property file. The university campus has an area of approximately 160 hectares and currently has approximately 540,000 m2 gross floor area (GFA).

Connecting the job site with the BIM process

Connecting the job site with the BIM process

Charlotte Metz is project leader at LE34 and an early adopter of issue management. She started using BIMcollab’s BCF Managers back in 2016. Since then, BIMcollab has grown together with LE34, and in the last years has become LE34’s most commonly used issue management tool in scan2bim projects.

Driving Model Quality - Dr. Born - Dr. Ermel GmbH - Daniel Alexander Oehler

Driving Model Quality for Dr. Born – DR.Ermel GmbH

 Want to learn from the best? In our Driving Model Quality event series we invite BIM professionals to walk us through their successful way of working. This customer story is a summary of the highlights of this event starring  Dr. Born – Dr. Ermel GmbH.

An interesting duality: ease of use and powerful functionalities!

An interesting duality: ease of use and powerful functionalities!

 In the construction world, there’s a secret that we don’t often admit: successful coordination between different stakeholders can make all the difference in the quality and outcome of a project. As the ecosystem of BIMcollab is committed to facilitating this process, we are always curious (and proud) to see how our clients use our solutions in their projects.

BIMcollab ZOOM introduces: Enhancing elements with Smart Properties

BIMcollab Zoom introduces: Enhancing elements with Smart Properties

 Menno Mekes can rightly be called a BIM expert. As a modeller and BIM manager at Arons and Gelauff Architects, he deals with digital models on a daily basis. He has also been a part of the BIM basic ILS expert committee for many years now. So it was for a good reason that we asked Menno, as a beta tester, to assess our latest feature in BIMcollab Zoom: the Smart Properties.

How a top Portuguese consultancy company enhanced their BIM process using BIM open formats

TPF Consultores enhanced their BIM process with openBIM

TPF – Consultores de Engenharia e Arquitetura, S.A. is a Portuguese company with more than 40 years of experience, focused on delivering high-quality fully integrated architectural and engineering services, ranging from technical consultancy to the design and construction process. TPF Consultores strongly relies on innovation and sustainable development, especially supported by BIM methodologies and processes.