Tyréns using BIMcollab for their infrastructure project

BIMcollab Cloud enables effective communication for all disciplines involved in Tyréns’ projects

For any project, effective communication between stakeholders is key. Especially for large infrastructure projects that involve many stakeholders from various disciplines. In this customer story, Joel Meier, BIM Coordinator at Tyréns, illustrates how BIMcollab Cloud has improved communication for all disciplines involved in their projects.

Better project management and easy communication for Ø.M. Fjeld by using BIMcollab

How Ø.M. Fjeld uses issue management for easy communication and better project management

John Ola Bakken, BIM Coordinator at Ø.M. Fjeld, a Norwegian construction company, elaborates on his experience with BIMcollab. The “Verket Brygge 2” project is a perfect example of how issue management with BIMcollab Cloud enables easy communication and better project management for Ø.M. Fjeld.

BIMlink | Dutch National Police digitizes real estate with BIMlink

This spring, the National Police took an important step with BIMlink in setting up a future-proof digital real estate file. All real estate has been fully inventoried and digitally mapped over the past four years. And the police has quite a bit of real estate; 1.9 million square meters in more than 1,000 buildings. Much

BIMlink | TU Delft officially takes use of cloud platform BIMlink

Last year, Dutch university TU Delft chose BIMlink as the online building file for the management of real estate data of all university buildings and accommodation. The structuring and adding of data into BIMlink was carried out under the leadership of Brink in collaboration with a team of data specialists from the TU Delft. “We

BIMcollab ensures optimal project communication for BIM Technologies

Optimal project communication for BIM Technologies with BIMcollab

Using it as their default issue management platform, BIM Technologies reflects upon how BIMcollab has improved project communication, resulting in more efficient and structured projects. Stephen King elaborates on the advantages of BIMcollab and shares a practical usage example. Read on to learn more!

Dornan project

Why BIMcollab enables easy issue management for Dornan Group

Cluttered Excel sheets and exported viewpoints from Navisworks were no longer a feasible option for Dornan Group. BIMcollab was the answer. Read all about how Dornan Group has centralized their issue management trough BIMcollab.