Tyréns using BIMcollab for their infrastructure project

BIMcollab Nexus enables efficient communication for all disciplines involved in Tyréns’ projects

When working on extensive construction and infrastructure projects, efficient communication between stakeholders is key. That is why Tyréns Sverige AB has implemented BIMcollab Nexus in one of their key infrastructure projects. Joel Meier, BIM Coordinator at Tyréns, elaborates on their experience with BIMcollab Nexus and how it has improved communication for all disciplines involved in the project. 

The challenge of keeping track of issues 

Tyréns Sverige AB is a leading Swedish community development consultancy that wants to bring innovative design and engineering to the world. They create sustainable solutions for urban development and infrastructure. Over 3000 employees are involved in projects in various countries, including Sweden, the United Kingdom, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland and Bulgaria. With that many people and projects, keeping track of and communicating about issues can be a challenge. Hence, Tyréns Sverige AB decided to find a solution. 

In 2015 Tyréns Sverige AB started working on an extensive road design project: Tvärförbindelse Södertörn. This project involves multiple companies and stakeholders from different disciplines, such as rock, road design, bridge, construction, landscape design, architecture, installation coordination and sewerage. Effective communication is essential for the success of the project.

However, in the earlier stages of the project there were difficulties with the communication of design issues and clashes. At first, viewpoints were saved in Autodesk Navisworks and then shared via email. This turned out to be inefficient. That is why BIMcollab Nexus was introduced to the project. As Joel said: “We have implemented BIMcollab Nexus to effectively communicate design issues and clashes. With Cloud, we can easily keep track of issues and see what disciplines need support at a given moment.” 

An efficient communication tool

BIMcollab Nexus has been used as a communication tool throughout the entire design process of Tvärförbindelse Södertörn. For instance, Joel highlighted that it is used in review meetings to discuss and follow-up on the status of issues: “The tool enables us to easily show the project statistics to our project leaders”.

Effective communication with Tyréns stakeholders
Communicating with Tyréns' stakeholders

Furthermore, BIMcollab Nexus enables people from various disciplines, as well as stakeholders from external companies involved, to create and communicate their own issues to further improve the project. Joel brings up BIMcollab’s user friendly and intuitive design:

Joel Meier, BIM Coordinator at Tyréns

BIMcollab Nexus is very easy to use for everyone. Stakeholders from various disciplines and with varying experience can use it without problem.

Empowering people from various disciplines  

Before implementing BIMcollab Nexus, Tyréns Sverige AB tested the tool and its functionalities extensively: “Since we work on big projects, we wanted to make sure the tool fitted our needs. However, we were sure of our choice very quickly.” 

As Joel emphasizes, the ability to organize and sort out issues per discipline involved is a favorite feature. When working on complex projects with a large number of issues, using filters can be very helpful in dealing with issues effectively. By combining several properties in the filter, like discipline, status, deadline and similar, teams can track the progress of other teams with a different discipline, spot bottlenecks, and focus on specific issues. 

Another feature that is of significant help for managing issues is the ability to add and review issues directly in the BIM models. Through the BCF Manager, BIMcollab Nexus connects easily with e.g., Navisworks and AutoCAD Civil 3D. This way, all stakeholders involved can use their own preferred software to solve the issues and share it directly in Cloud and with other stakeholders in their BIM tools. As Joel concluded: 

BIMcollab Nexus is a great tool! It is easy to use, and I like it a lot. And not only me; people from all disciplines have told me that it contributes to great projects.

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