What is IDS and how does it work?

An Information Delivery Specification (IDS) is a computer interpretable file format which defines the Data Exchange Requirements for BIM. It determines how objects, classifications, materials, properties and values must be delivered and exchanged, based on IFC. 

With the IDS Standard you can define your Level of Information Needs (CEN), your Exchange Information Requirements (ISO 19650) and even exchange Product Data Templates.  

How Building Smart’s IDS is integrated in the BIMcollab Ecosystem 

Information Delivery Specification (IDS) within BIMcollab revolutionizes the way you share BIM project requirements. It enables you to: 

  • Define model requirements in BIMcollab Nexus
  • Easily share requirements with modelers and stakeholders through BCF Managers
  • Automatically check the model based on IDS requirements with BIMcollab Zoom

IDS will boost your workflows, ensuring data quality and maximum efficiency in your construction projects from the very start.  

Information Delivery Specification

Unlock the future of data exchange –
boost your projects with IDS 

The advantages of BIMcollab’s IDS 

Information Delivery Specification

Requirements as a contract

IDS is a core component that can be used as a contract to deliver the correct model information (“Model as a legal document”). It holds the ability to create localized and use-case specific requirements for your projects and asset portfolio.  

You can re-use the available IDS definitions as a template for your next projects. 

Correct models from the start to prevent issues

Modelers working with a BIMcollab BCF Manager will automatically have the project’s IDS requirements available for the object they are working on. For instance, when creating a ‘wall’, its requirements are directly visible. This way, the modeler can ensure the model contains the required information, which will dramatically reduce the number of issues found in later stages of the project.  

With IDS in BIMcollab you can reduce the number of issues dramatically by sharing IDS with modelers even before they start creating a model 

Automated model checking, easy management

When BIMcollab Zoom is connected to a project in BIMcollab Nexus, it receives the IDS and will automatically check the models. If model components do not meet the requirements, issues are automatically created, informing the team and simplifying communication. Smart Issues will automatically check and update themselves when new model versions are received and prevent the double reporting of errors. It helps BIM managers save valuable time in reaching the desired model quality.   

Let us help you get started with IDS 

Building your first IDS can be a lot of work. Therefore, we offer several internationally usable templates based on the widely adapted ILS initiative. These are downloadable for free in our Help Center

Information Delivery Specification

Learn about IDS workflows in a 1-on-1 meeting with our experts.