Issue management

BIMcollab Nexus offers easy-to-use and powerful issue management in the cloud. Issues are linked to positions and objects in your model and accessible via web browsers or directly from your BIM software. Imagine clicking an issue in your own BIM tool and being zoomed to its position right away. You’ll have all the information where it’s needed to lookup, create and solve issues. 

Customize your workflows 

BIMcollab Nexus is highly customizable. By defining custom- and mandatory fields you can prepare the workflow you want. Besides creating Teams per project, you can define User groups, which you can consider as ‘sub-teams’. User groups can be used to define to whom one can assign issues to, or who can see your confidential issues. Assign project- or area owners to receive new issues or define who needs to approve issues before they can be closed: a unique feature of BIMcollab Nexus. 

Thanks to BIMcollab we can manage a large number (100.000) of issues and clashes, especially for teams working on different locations. It’s our main tool for tracking all issues and clashes.”

Aitor Chavarri,
BIM manager AECOM

Simplify communication 

Set deadlines to issues, add comments and viewpoints, and assign them to team members who directly get an email notification. You can also choose to receive a daily or weekly activity overview. 

Custom Fields

Custom fields allow you to define extra fields for issues. Additionally, with the ‘mandatory’ option you can designate which properties your team members have to define before being able to save an issue. 

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Track your progress 

Simple and illustrative graphs offer instant insight into the workload and progress of your team. Your personal home page shows the latest project activities. By tracking everything you will have a complete and transparent audit trail.  

Create reports

Create insightful issue reports or activity lists in PDF and XLS. You can set up filters or select individual issues. The built-in graphs offer clear progress overviews. Need advanced reporting? You can connect to Microsoft Power BI to build extensive custom reports for all your stakeholders. 

Free webinar: when and how to get started with issue management 

Learn how to improve your project coordination with efficient issue management. Watch the recording of our free webinar and discover the power of issue management.