New Streaming WebViewer 

We put easy access of BIM models at the center of all our solutions. That’s why we developed a completely new WebViewer based on streaming technologies. You’ll find the result amazing: it is extremely fast, easy to use and available in all our plans.

There is no better way to comprehend the speed and ease of use of the WebViewer than by experiencing it first hand. From the simplest of models to the most complex ones, the WebViewer’s streaming technology allows for a seamless experience. Below, you can find some models ready for you to explore. All you need is your browser!  

Faster, smarter, easier   

The new WebViewer, which took a few years of research and development, is built on innovative streaming technology, allowing it to open and visualize any size of federated model on a webpage in seconds. The new Model WebViewer is designed to seamlessly integrate with all our products, providing users with an enhanced and streamlined experience. Look up and review issues in your models within BIMcollab Nexus, and link documents to objects within BIMcollab Twin. 

Model WebViewer

Engage stakeholders 

It has never been easier to engage all stakeholders in a BIM process and drive model-based collaboration to early design phases. Customize model views for specific team members by preparing Smart Views and Lists. These allow for easy filtering and coloring of objects in the Model WebViewer to give them the insight they need. 

Very large, complex models:
no problem! 

Visualize very large, complex, federated BIM models instantly and at full precision in all major browsers, including on mobile. The BIM coordinator can set up the federated model by uploading any number of IFC models. The streaming technology then takes care of downloading only what you are looking at, improving the performance dramatically and saving a lot of bandwidth.  

Model WebViewer
With the WebViewer we can involve clients, constructors, and project managers early in the process, stimulating integral collaboration. Everyone has access to the same information which empowers us to work more efficiently and speed up decision-making

Wilfred Boogerd
BIM consultant, Plegt-Vos

View models from Autodesk Construction Cloud 

BIMcollab’s WebViewer can be used to view models stored in Autodesk Docs by setting up a link to the folder(s) containing the models. Experience the ease of use and power of our WebViewer without uploading your models to another platform again. 

In all plans of BIMcollab Nexus and Twin  

We consider it logic to include the WebViewer in all our offerings. A simple consequence of ‘Driving model-based collaboration’ for all project phases. Therefore, BIMcollab’s WebViewer is available in BIMcollab Nexus for BIM coordination and issue management and in BIMcollab Twin for BIM-centric document and asset management.  

Model WebViewer

  Discover our new BIM WebViewer