BIMcollab Nexus drives model-based collaboration by centralizing BIM requirements,  model collaboration, issue management, information takeoffs and progress intelligence in the cloud. 

Built on the widely accepted IFC, BCF and IDS open standards by buildingSMART,  BIMcollab Nexus elevates any collaborative design process. 

BIM requirements

Start with BIM requirements

BIMcollab revolutionizes the way you define and use BIM project requirements. It enables you to:

  1. Define IDS model requirements online in  BIMcollab Nexus;
  2. Easily share requirements with modelers and stakeholders through  BCF Managers; 
  3. Automatically check the model based on IDS requirements with  BIMcollab Zoom. 

BIM issue management

Issues can be hard to keep track of. Using spreadsheets or BCF files will leave you with an unmanageable number of files. How do you know what is communicated with whom and what file has been shared? Costly mistakes are lurking around the corner. 

BIMcollab Nexus centralizes all issues of your project in the cloud and offers a clear, up-to-date overview, legal trail and insightful reporting features. Issues are directly available within your team’s BIM software via our numerous plugins, so there are no issues slipping through the cracks. It’s that easy. 

BIM issue management

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Clash management with Smart Issues

BIMcollab Nexus’s Smart Issues know the clashes they represent, to which objects they belong, and when they are reported or solved. This intelligent solution prevents the overhead caused by redundant clash-reporting, even by other team members doing concurrent model checking. 

Model collaboration

BIMcollab Nexus includes a modern, newly developed Model WebViewer with streaming technology. You can open and view federated BIM models in the browser in less than a second, no matter the model size. 

Engaging your stakeholders has never been this easy. Drive model-based collaboration to the early design phases of your project. By preparing customized model sets, Smart Views, and takeoffs you can show stakeholders exactly the information they need.  

BIMcollab Nexus
BIMcollab Nexus

BIMcollab is the most versatile Common Data Environment for your BIM coordination. 

Connect BIMcollab with everything

Issues in BIMcollab Nexus are linked to objects and viewpoints in your model and are accessible directly from your favorite BIM software. We offer many plugins, so called BCF managers, for all popular BIM tools. Use the BCF Manager to connect to the project in BIMcollab Nexus, click on an issue and be taken directly to its position in your own BIM tool. You immediately have all the information needed to find, create, solve, or comment on issues. 

Integrate with Autodesk Docs & Trimble Connect 

Our Autodesk Docs and Trimble Connect integrations provide BIM teams instant access to models stored in Autodesk Docs or Trimble Connect, directly within BIMcollab Nexus. Team members can review the federated model, create issues, or review existing issues without the need for uploading files to a secondary repository or installing a model viewer.  

After getting to know the BIMcollab workflow, you will not want to go back. After just one year of using the software, we managed to achieve a completely collision-free federated model!

Agron Deralla, BIM Coordinator

Your data is safe  

BIMcollab runs on the highest security demands. All sensitive data is encrypted in our database.  Your data is backed up daily and is stored securely. BIMcollab is ISO 27001 certified; a worldwide standard for information security management systems

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