Autodesk Docs integration to connect BIM teams 

The Autodesk Docs integration provides BIM teams access to models stored in Autodesk Docs, directly from the BIMcollab Nexus web application. Team members can review the federated model, create issues or review existing issues without the need for uploading files to a secondary repository or installing a model viewer. 

Issues can be looked up or created in the context of the 3D model, wherever you work. They can be retrieved, resolved, created, and commented on. 

Trimble Connect integration for easy collaboration 

BIMcollab Nexus users who work with Trimble Connect for storing project data, can view, edit and comment on issues in the context of the 3D models stored on Trimble Connect. They can use their familiar Trimble Connect web viewer within BIMcollab Nexus, making it easy to use with practically no learning curve. 

As the integration makes use of models stored online in Trimble Connect, there is no extra file management needed. Users can be certain that they always use the latest model versions in relation to their issue management.

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Learn more about the integration that brings online model viewing to your BIMcollab Nexus projects and at the same time expands Trimble Connect with best-in-class issue management. 

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