BIMcollab Zoom is the only model checking solution smoothly integrated with BIM coordination. Easily combine models, analyze object properties and find clashes faster than ever with intuitive model checking.

Find issues, communicate them and verify solutions. Visualize and share customized views with stakeholders and empower them to address design issues in the early stages of the project.  

New in BIMcollab Zoom: IDS checking

Save time and ensure model data quality from the start. Define IDS model requirements in BIMcollab Nexus, share them with your stakeholders and let BIMcollab Zoom automatically check your model based on these IDS requirements.  

Classify and restructure BIM data

Classify, restructure and enrich BIM data to your needs, without having to ask authors to change their models. Smart Properties improve and speed up your workflow and can be used to drive Smart Views, Clash rules and Lists. Structure data once and ensure a predictable model validation process.  

Efficient model validation

Smart Views dynamically show and color-code components based on their (Smart) properties. Gain insight into the quality of information in your BIM model and share information with stakeholders. If a problem is identified, you can immediately create an issue for others to solve. 

“BIMcollab Zoom provides a clearer graphical image compared to other BIM tools.”

Pascal Croes, BureauEAU

Save time on clash management

Smart Issues know the clashes they represent, to which objects they belong, and when they are reported or solved. So, no more double reporting when sharing the clash-detection work with team members. Smart Issues check the status of linked clashes automatically. There is no need to rerun clash detection rules yourself. Automate clash management tasks even further with Zoom Nightshift.

Data extraction reinvented

BIMcollab Zoom’s Lists offer an unprecedented solution for extracting and sharing information from your BIM model. Create your own dynamic lists via drag & drop and easily drill down to the quantities you need.

Seamless Model Loading across the BIMcollab ecosystem

Streamline your workflow with the integration of BIMcollab Nexus and Zoom. Upload your project models once to the WebViewer, and they will sync in real-time with BIMcollab Zoom, our desktop application. This ensures that every team member has access to the latest IFC files, enabling seamless and efficient model quality assessments.

Smooth navigation

high frame rates and smooth navigation for ALL model sizes

Fastest clash detection

get more efficient with fast clash detection and flexible clash grouping.

Smart Issues

a time-saving solution for clash management, preventing double reporting if multiple team members run clash detection.

Model data extraction

create dynamic Lists and extract and share relevant information from your BIM models.

Drag & drop sharing

use the same BIM requirements by sharing IDS, Smart Views, Clash rules and Lists.

Time to discover BIMcollab!