unlock the future of data exchange

Webinar | Unlock the future of data exchange – boost your projects with IDS 

Get ready to immerse into the future of data exchange!

In this exclusive webinar, you will discover how Information Delivery Specification (IDS) will revolutionize the way you share BIM project information in the digital age.   

Learn how IDS can boost your workflows, ensuring data integrity and maximum efficiency in your construction projects. With IDS, you’ll never look at outdated requirement spreadsheets the same way again. Be prepared to explore a new era of efficiency and establish exceptional results for your project.  

Are you ready to harness the full potential of this innovative technology? 

Then, reserve your spot for this 40-minute live webinar. 
Here is what you will discover: 

-Challenges of data and information exchange in the digital age  

-IDS: what it is and how it works  

-How IDS revolutionizes data exchange 

-The role of innovation in successful IDS implementation  

-Hands-on experience 

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