How to calculate the added value of issue management | LinkedIn Live

Issue management brings many advantages to the BIM process. It can help you improve project quality through centralized communication and efficient collaboration. An issue management platform enables you to easily create, coordinate, update and keep track of issues and ensures you and any stakeholders involved always have access to the latest project information. But the question is; what is the actual added value of effective issue management? 

In this LinkedIn Live event, our BIM specialist Bojana Dukanovic Foss and Executive Zinzi van Bokhoven will show you the added value of issue management. They will compare a traditional BIM workflow without using BCF issue management versus a BIM workflow including BCF issue management, using a practical calculation example. It will show you how and why issue management enables a more efficient, timesaving and cost-reducing BIM workflow. After this event, you will be able to investigate where you and your team can save time and costs and calculate the added value of issue management yourself! 

Are you ready to discover the added value of issue management for your project?

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