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BIMcollab Twin drives efficient construction and building management for 

Completing a contemporary, state-of-the-art office is a complex and challenging undertaking. A crucial factor for the success of a project of this scope is the implementation of BIM software to optimize the design, construction, and management of the building.   

For the realization phase of’s headquarters, contractor Zublin chose BIMcollab Twin (known as BIMlink at the time) as a tool for an efficient construction process. Now that the building has been commissioned, the management phase of’s headquarters begins. Here, BIMcollab Twin contributes to a more effective maintenance process. 

Let’s revisit the recently completed realization process. We talk to Joran Lise, Contract Manager Hard Services. He is responsible for all matters relating to the maintenance of the building as well as all building technology. We discussed the importance of complete data for the management process, and how BIMcollab Twin provides insights and reports through data in the virtual model.  

The headquarters: a modern architectural masterpiece 

The headquarters, located in the center of Amsterdam, is an impressive architectural masterpiece. It is developed by BPD and designed by UNstudio and HofmanDujardin for interior architecture. The structure gives an iconic presence in the city. Designed with a focus on sustainability, innovation and functionality, the building creates an inspiring work environment for the employees. 

The impact of BIM in construction projects 

Building Information Modelling is a digital representation of the physical and functional characteristics of a building. It provides a detailed and integrated approach to project management and enables construction teams to collaborate on design and construction processes in real-time. BIMcollab Twin is a software platform specifically designed to streamline communication and coordination of all building data for all stages of a construction process.

The benefits of BIMcollab Twin in the realization phase 

A brief review on the deployment of BIMcollab Twin during the realization phase of the headquarters demonstrated that architects, engineers, contractors, and other stakeholders could easily share and update their data and information. This led to improved communication and collaboration across disciplines. Also, it enabled real-time coordination and integration of design information. Any conflicts or issues in the design phase were identified and addressed in a timely manner. This has prevented unnecessary delays and additional costs during the construction phase. During realization, over 12,000 project documents were tracked, checked, and made available from the platform via automated Workflows. They are accessible 24/7 from all devices. 

The benefits of BIMcollab Twin during the management phase’s successful experience during the realization phase and the possibilities offered by BIMcollab Twin made it an evident choice for the management phase of the building. All information required for the management phase of the headquarters will be organized through BIMcollab Twin.  
Joran Lise is looking forward to the full implementation of BIMcollab Twin for managing the building: “In cooperation with our contracted maintenance partners, we have spent several sessions exploring the benefits of drawing management in BIM. The possibility offered by BIMcollab Twin to link all information from the DMS (Document Management System) down to object level, rooms and floors in the BIM model makes finding information and managing it highly efficient!” 

Joran is clear about his expectations: “We expect great benefits from using BIMcollab Twin in the management phase. The headquarters is a complex building with an array of intricate installations spread over 65,000 m2. By using BIMcollab Twin, we can track changes directly in drawings and see the latest changes implemented. We are also able to add the work order number to any change so that we can always link the change to the underlying order.   

Our maintenance partners put all minor changes into the Revit models twice a year. For us, it is very important to easily add drawings to a folder that can be used to draw larger projects without making a modification to the source files. This makes the work organized and enables us to always go back to the fundament to see how things are done.”  

Joran Lise of

With BIMcollab Twin, we are always in control

BIMcollab Twin for maintenance and repairs 

The BIM model used in the construction phase was reprocessed into a digital twin. That way, it continues to be relevant during the management phase. “We have frozen the as-built file as situation-0 and a derivative of it is now used for the management phase. This allows us to go back to the starting point at any time. It is very valuable for us as an archive. The realization model contains detailed information about the building components and systems, which is essential for maintenance and repair work. This is now supplemented by specific documents needed in the management phase of the headquarters.”’s headquarters: successful realization and management 

With BIMcollab Twin, business processes were carried out more efficiently and effectively, both in the realization and management phase. The result is an impressive, sustainable, and functional headquarters that reflects the vision of while maintaining the highest standards of building quality.  

Making data-driven decisions is very important to us. Now and in the future.  

The headquarters illustrates how cutting-edge technology like BIMcollab Twin contributes to the success of complex construction projects and efficient property management. It optimizes processes, improves communication, and helps to control costs. Ultimately, this leads to high-quality end-results and sustainable management. As companies continue to invest in innovative construction and real estate technologies, we can expect the construction industry to continue to evolve and deliver increasingly complex projects while improving sustainability and efficiency. The headquarters is an inspirational example of such progress. 

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