Japanese translations

Japanese version of BIMcollab

EINDHOVEN, THE NETHERLANDS – Japanese BIM professionals can now use top-of-the-line issue management with integrated model validation and requirement-sharing without having to overcome a language barrier. In collaboration with one of Japan’s most renowned design & construction firms, the Japanese version of BIMcollab is available. This includes the popular BIMcollab Nexus and BIMcollab Zoom, which are used by more than 90,000 BIM professionals worldwide.

japanese version of BIMcollab

“The new partnership marked the beginning of our dedicated focus on supporting BIM professionals in Japan with our solutions. After helping industry leaders in Europe and other parts of the world, we are honored to assist Japanese firms on their BIM journey.”

Erik Pijnenburg, CEO BIMcollab

Special functionality and integrations

BIM is on the rise in Japan, where an industry leader needed a tailor-made solution to meet their workflow needs. BIMcollab was selected as the perfect partner to contribute to an optimal BIM execution process. The partnership resulted in not just a translated version of BIMcollab, but also the addition of various features and APIs which are of great benefit to Enterprise level companies. As a result, executing BIM is not an issue anymore.

“By entering this partnership we aimed to create a perfect issue management solution for the Japanese design & build industry. Most notably the addition of several new APIs have allowed the Japanese firm to integrate BIMcollab seamlessly within their own BIM environment.”

Paul Deckers, BIMcollab Product Owner​

Coordinate issues and validating models in Japanese

An important request was to have a Japanese interface to remove the language barrier for all employees and partners. The Japanese version of BIMcollab Nexus and BIMcollab Zoom is now available for all Japanese BIM professionals, so they can communicate issues and validate BIM models in their own language.