BIMcollab releases its Digital Twin platform worldwide

Eindhoven, November 28, 2023 – With two major releases, BIMcollab is transforming its global offering from the world’s most used BIM issue management platform into an ecosystem in which its enhanced online BIM coordination solutions are extended with a proven Digital Twin platform. 

Following the acquisition of BIMlink BV last summer, its Digital Twin Solution is now part of BIMcollab’s ecosystem under a new name: BIMcollab Twin. The open platform offers model-based document- and asset-management with workflow automation to store, manage and share any building or civil engineering data for all project phases. It enables users to structure data and documents around BIM for data-driven insights. 

BIMcollab Twin is already in use for several years by large building owners in the Netherlands like the Universities of Eindhoven, Delft and Wageningen, several hospitals, the National Police and many others. By winning European bids against traditional alternatives, BIMcollab Twin is currently used for managing over 5 million m2 of building space. BIMcollab Twin is ISO 19650 compliant to be applied as a Common Data Environment. 

New streaming Model WebViewer for BIM coordination

With including a newly developed BIM WebViewer, BIMcollab is extending its renowned issue management platform BIMcollab Cloud into a full, online BIM coordination platform: BIMcollab Nexus. It drives model-based collaboration by centralizing BIM requirements, model coordination, information takeoffs, issue management and progress intelligence in the cloud. Built on the widely accepted IFC, BCF and IDS open standards of buildingSMART, BIMcollab Nexus elevates any BIM process.​  

Erik Pijnenburg, CEO of BIMcollab: “With these powerful and unique releases, we enhance any BIM process for the creation and use of Digital Twins. By providing fast, innovative, and user-friendly solutions that integrate with all popular BIM tools, we shape the construction industry.” 

The new WebViewer, which took a few years of research and development, is built on innovative streaming technology, allowing it to open and visualize any size of federated model on a webpage in seconds. It has never been easier to engage stakeholders in a BIM process and drive model-based collaboration to early design phases. The new Model WebViewer is designed to seamlessly integrate with all our products, providing users with an enhanced and streamlined experience and will become available step by step to all users in the next weeks. 

Gerben Bouthoorn, Product owner of BIMcollab’s Model Viewing Technology: “We reached our goal to develop the BIMcollab WebViewer as a user-friendly, accessible, and efficient online viewer, prioritizing fast loading speeds for extremely large projects without compromising the ease of use.” 

BIMcollab’s model checker BIMcollab Zoom, completes the product line, by offering rule-based model checking, information takeoffs and intelligent clash-management. This allows for concurrent teamwork in model checking, even preventing double reporting of conflicts. It can do so by its deep integration into BIMcollab Nexus, for sharing requirements, checking rules and outcomes. 

About BIMcollab

BIMcollab is the industry leader in driving BIM collaboration throughout the lifecycle of buildings or infrastructure. With solutions for BIM coordination, model checking, issue management, takeoffs, document- and asset management, built on the widely accepted open standards of buildingSMART, BIMcollab empowers users to create and use a Digital Twin from design and build to maintain and operate. By involving stakeholders as early as possible, BIMcollab supports companies in the transition to BIM, resulting in faster design decisions and better buildings.