Model validation made easy

Fast clash detection integrated with professional issue management and the sharing of BIM requirements
Smooth navigation

High frame rates and smooth navigation for ALL model sizes

Fastest clash detection

Get more efficient with fast clash detection and time-saving clash grouping

Drag and drop sharing

Use the same BIM requirements through the sharing of smart views and clash rules

Coordinate clashes

Batch generate issues and let your team synchronize with a single click


There's a new version of BIMcollab ZOOM available with even faster model loading and clash detection - READ MORE -

Save time and create high quality BIM models

Your team aims to create high quality BIM models without any issues. To do so, the entire project team should have access to the right BIM requirements and to all relevant issues which need solving.

BIMcollab ZOOM is easy to learn and helps to find information flaws, to communicate them in early stages via BIMcollab Cloud and to verify solutions. It's the only free model viewer and BIM validation tool that is fully integrated in issue management workflows.

Detect, share, solve.

Why you need BIMcollab ZOOM

Validate more efficient with smart views

With smart views you can dynamically show and color- code components based on their properties and quickly gain insight in the quality of the information in your BIM model. When the results of a smart view identify a problem, you can immediatly create an issue for others to solve.

Unique and unparalleled is the auto color feature. With this option, you can color-code components automatically based on selected properties, without having to specify them one-by-one. 

You can easily share smart views with team members via drag & drop and define them to be project specific or project independent. It's up to you.

Learn more about smart views

Fastest clash detection available!

Pro feature

The clash detection in ZOOM Pro is amazingly fast and accurate for detecting clashes in your BIM models. Visualize, group and report issues with ease and share everything (including clash rules) with your team via BIMcollab Cloud.

Clash detection is only available in ZOOM Pro. We can show you in a free demo, but you can also test it yourself in a 30-day free trial!

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But there's more...

Share BIM requirements

Share smart views and clash rules with your project team via drag and drop for up-to-date requirements.

Use clash grouping (Pro)

Avoid creating multiple issues for comparable clashes by grouping them. Get more effective.

Use quantity listing (Pro)

List values by using basic functions as sum, average, min, and max on numerical properties like Base Quantities

Batch issue generation (Pro)

When dealing with hundreds of clashes, the batch issue generation speeds up the proces of communicating clashes.

Single click annotations

Add texts, arrows, dimensions, revision mark-ups or property-stamps to issue-viewpoints for easy communication.

Check pointclouds against IFC models

Load point clouds and combine them with IFC files to check for deviations between ‘as built’ versus ‘as designed’. You can open point cloud data from common used formats like .e57 and .txt.

We can show you

Our specialists can demonstrate ZOOM for you and your team. Just pick a date and time.



ZOOM (free version)

The free version of ZOOM is already very powerful. It is the best IFC viewer available: fast and easy to use. You can load pointclouds and compare them to IFC models. You get very easy navigation, clipping planes, issues-management and last but not least: create, use and share smart views for auto-coloring, filtering and model validation.

Features ZOOM

  • Fast loading of IFC files
  • Federated model setup and sharing
  • Smart view creation, using and sharing
  • Annotations like text, dimensioning, arrows, lines and stamp tool for property visualization
  • Clipping planes/box, auto-floorplan
  • Create and manage issues
  • Run demo clash rules by connecting to demo project on join

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The Pro version offers clash-detection, clash grouping and batch generation of issues. The integration with issue management allows you to communicate found problems right away and flawlessly: the best guarantee your models will reach the quality you need.

Extra features ZOOM Pro

  • Clash detection, setup and share clash rules
  • Different ways to visualize clashes
  • Clash grouping in by type, story, grid, etc.
  • Batch generation of issues
  • Quantity listing and property counting

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What our users have to say about BIMcollab ZOOM


“What a difference the new BIMcollab ZOOM makes! Even on my Surface it remains workable and fast.”

Koen van Tartwijk
Project Manager, Byldis

The speed and the childishly simple interface of the software make BIMcollab ZOOM very attractive.

Menno de Jong
Project Manager, FORM

"Incredibly powerful viewer, and the smart views give me perfect insight into my project's data."

Phillipe Dupond, Paris

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