Webinar | Enhancing construction projects: model validation and coordination

Construction projects require both high-quality models and a way to coordinate them efficiently. After all, high-quality
models drive project collaboration and facilitate early decision-making. To reach the desired model quality and to improve coordination, project teams need reliable tools to help them do both. In this webinar, you will learn how you can integrate a workflow for model validation and issue coordination that will improve your construction projects. 

This free webinar session will focus on:  

-Why delivering high-quality, coordinated models is the foundation for successful construction projects. Learn to understand the value of a truly validated model through a holistic approach. 

-The importance of smooth cross-team communication. Learn how a cloud-based issue management platform can help you share, comment on and resolve issues that have arisen from model validation. 

-IDS: the next generation of project information delivery. Discover how to build the right data basis for your project and ensure that the data you need is assigned throughout the project lifecycle.  

Don’t miss out on the chance to build an integrated workflow for your construction project. 

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