BIMcollab WebViewer: involving stakeholders, elevating projects  

Join us for an insightful webinar on transforming BIM project collaboration with the new BIMcollab WebViewer. 

Managing a BIM project entails navigating through various software and applications, each tailored to specific roles. After all, BIM Modelers, Checkers, and Coordinators all look at a model from different perspectives.   

However, the landscape is evolving! Roles that were traditionally less involved in BIM projects are now seeking to engage with the model. Such fresh perspectives can add significant value and enhance project outcomes. 

To enable any stakeholder to easily inspect models, unite efforts and foster collaboration, BIMcollab has developed the Model WebViewer. Based on streaming technology and integrated within Nexus and Twin, it allows you to instantly visualize large and complex federated BIM models.   

You can prepare model setups and manage federated models for team members. Link Documents, communication, and Forms to objects in your models. You can also prepare and share Smart Views and information takeoffs to include and engage any stakeholder, by giving them the right data. 

All you need is internet and your browser! 

Let’s explore the future of BIM project management and how BIMcollab WebViewer’s streaming technology redefines project collaboration.