New in BIMcollab ZOOM: Smart Properties

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Structure BIM data to your needs

Working with multiple BIM models from different authors can be a challenge. Combining models with different terminology can dramatically limit the flow of information and hinder model validation. With BIMcollab ZOOM's Smart Properties this can be solved easily. Classify and restructure BIM data without the need of asking authors to change their models. 

Smart Properties also improve and speed up your workflow. Because Smart Properties structure BIM data centrally, they can be used everywhere. For example, to drive Smart views, Clash rules and Lists. Therefore, the data only needs to be structured once and not for every model check again.

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Watch the recording of the Launch event

In the new version of BIMcollab ZOOM we introduce Smart Properties: a brand-new feature that can re-organize and structure BIM data to your needs.

In this webinar (recording) we’ll demonstrate Smart Properties by taking you through the following topics:

  • Speed up validation, and list workflows
  • Simplify your BIM protocol
  • Add your own classifications
  • Enrich received BIM data

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