BIMcollab and VenturisIT join forces for enhanced communication in BIM construction projects 

BIMcollab, the industry leader in model quality assurance, and VenturisIT, provider of innovative 3D CAD software for building services engineering and plant design, are pleased to announce their new integration, aimed at revolutionizing communication in BIM construction projects. This integration brings together the efficiency of BIMcollab’s issue management platform and the advanced MicroStation to promote collaboration and efficiency among the various stakeholders involved in construction projects. 

TRICAD MS BCF Manager is already an industry staple, and now VenturisIT also offers BCF connectivity to non-TRICAD MS users only using a pure MicroStation, creating more options to connect with BIMcollab. 

With this integration, we bring together various disciplines and companies involved in a construction project to create a more fluid and productive collaborative environment.

– Erik Pijnenburg, CEO of BIMcollab

TRICAD MS already offered BCF (BIM Collaboration Format) capabilities in its software for the areas of building services engineering and plant design, available as an add-on to its IFC interface. From now on, users have the flexibility to use the BCF Manager separately for MicroStation, regardless of the IFC interface, allowing architects, structural engineers, and other professionals to enjoy the benefits of BCF directly in their models. 

BCF is an open file format that goes beyond the IFC model layer, allowing the addition of text comments, screenshots, and other elements to enhance communication among project stakeholders. This enables a clear separation between communication and the actual model, streamlining the issue resolution process. 

This integration enhances project efficiency, most notably by facilitating uninterrupted collaboration in the interface that users are already accustomed to. 

We remain committed to openBIM and believe that open formats are the key to the success of any construction project. By offering the BCF Managers, we are supporting professionals in collaborating efficiently and achieving the best results for their projects.

– Erik Pijnenburg, CEO of BIMcollab

About VenturisIT

TRICAD MS, developed by VenturisIT, is a leading 3D CAD software solution for building services engineering and plant design based on Bentley Systems. Dedicated to enhancing planning efficiency and reliability, TRICAD MS empowers clients to work smarter, faster, and more economically. The software’s integrated design approach and calculation algorithms make it a preferred choice for building services engineering and construction plant projects. TRICAD MS has been at the forefront of shaping digital transformation trends in the construction industry for over four decades. For more information, visit

About BIMcollab

BIMcollab is the industry leader in driving BIM collaboration throughout the lifecycle of buildings or infrastructure. With solutions for BIM coordination, model checking, issue management, takeoffs, document- and asset management, built on the widely accepted open standards of buildingSMART, BIMcollab empowers users to create and use a Digital Twin from design and build to maintain and operate. By involving stakeholders as early as possible, BIMcollab supports companies in the transition to BIM, resulting in faster design decisions and better buildings. For more information, visit