BIMcollab accelerates growth by acquisition of BIMlink

Eindhoven, The Netherlands, August 23, 2023 – BIMcollab, developed by KUBUS BV, announces the acquisition of BIMlink, a well-known Dutch developer of a BIM centered Common Data Environment for the construction industry. BIMlink’s solutions are used by large building owners in the Netherlands, including three leading universities, several hospitals, the National Police, and many more. 

The acquisition of BIMlink strengthens KUBUS’ portfolio significantly. The combination of KUBUS’ BIM execution platform BIMcollab (including IDS, model validation and Issue management) with BIMlink’s CDE provides a unique and powerful integrated platform that drives model-based collaboration for the entire lifecycle of a building, from design and construction to maintenance and facility management. 

Roy van der Velden, CEO of BIMlink: “We are very pleased with this acquisition which will further strengthen our position in the market, both nationally and internationally. BIMlink and BIMcollab are a perfect fit, and KUBUS’ international experience is essential to realizing our growth ambition“. Roy Van der Velden is appointed as Director of Digital Twin Solutions at KUBUS. 

KUBUS provides BIM solutions for the design and construction sectors. They serve the international top tier of construction, architectural and engineering firms with their BIMcollab platform that stimulates model-based workflows. From capturing BIM requirements to integrated model checking and issue management linked to the most popular BIM software. 

Erik Pijnenburg, CEO of KUBUS BV: “What we like about BIMlink is that BIM is at the center of their newly developed system, allowing for modern BIM object-based document management. When integrated with BIMcollab, the platform will offer great opportunities for our mutual clients, enabling model-based collaboration in ways that cannot be matched by traditional alternatives.” 

Erik Pijnenburg, director of KUBUS, and Roy van der Velden, Director of Digital Twin Solutions at KUBUS.
Erik Pijnenburg, CEO of KUBUS, and Roy van der Velden, Director of Digital Twin Solutions at KUBUS.

BIMlink is currently only available in the Benelux but will become internationally available later this year as part of the BIMcollab ecosystem. 

About BIMcollab

BIMcollab, part of KUBUS BV, is a global leader in cloud-based BIM issue management integrated with model validation. KUBUS has been providing BIM software for the design and construction industries since 1992 and launched BIMcollab in 2014. From design software to model checking and issue management tools, their solutions facilitate model-based collaboration by involving all stakeholders as early as possible, resulting in better decisions and better buildings. They support companies in the transition to BIM and distinguish themselves by their practical approach and extensive knowledge. 

About BIMlink

BIMlink is an online building dossier for storing and managing information for every phase of building development, including design, construction, and facility management. All relevant documents, drawings, and models for every lifecycle stage of a building are secure, organized and 24/7 available online for all project partners involved. All project partners have access to an up-to-date building file that is relevant to them. This collaborative approach enables efficient construction and management of every building site.
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