IDS release

BIMcollab introduces buildingSMART’s new IDS-standard throughout the whole ecosystem 

BIMcollab announces the expansion of its ecosystem with the support of the new BuildingSmart standard for IDS (Information Delivery Specification). In the unique way IDS is implemented, thanks to its connection to model authoring and model checking tools, it ensures that model requirements are shared to all stakeholders. Models are better from the start, teams can prevent many issues from arising in later stages. 

Information Delivery Specification (IDS) is a computer-interpretable data format designed to define Data Exchange Requirements for BIM projects. IDS specifies the delivery and exchange for objects, classifications, materials, properties and values, all rooted in the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) framework. Users gain the capability to establish their Level of Information Needs (CEN), outline Exchange Information Requirements in line with ISO 19650 standards, and even seamlessly exchange Product Data Templates.  

Within the BIMcollab ecosystem, IDS empowers users to define model requirements in BIMcollab Cloud, share these requirements with modelers through BCF managers, and automate model checks against IDS requirements using BIMcollab ZOOM.  

As Erik Pijnenburg, CEO of BIMcollab, elaborates: “IDS will supercharge your process to create reliable models, assuring data quality right from the project’s outset. The addition of IDS to BIMcollab aligns perfectly with our goal to simplify and enhance model-based collaboration within the construction industry.”  

To learn more about IDS in BIMcollab’s ecosystem, click here.

About BIMcollab

BIMcollab, part of KUBUS B.V. Netherlands, is a global leader in solutions for BIM coordination, and building management. KUBUS has been providing BIM software for the design and construction industries since 1992 and launched BIMcollab in 2014. From design software to requirement sharing for model checking and issue management, as well as document management to a common data environment for the whole life-cycle of a building, BIMcollab offers solution that drive model-based collaboration. By involving stakeholder as early as possible, BIMcollab supports companies in the transition to BIM, resulting in faster design decisions and better buildings.