BIMcollab Twin | A good DMS is crucial for good property management

Organizations in the construction industry are processing more and more documents, so it is important to be able to find and manage that information quickly and easily. A good Document Management System (DMS) saves a lot of time. Our cloud platform for digital property management is based on a DMS that is modularly expandable with a wide range of features, applications and tools.

Structuring documents

In essence, BIMcollab Twin is a full-fledged DMS for construction and management projects. BIMcollab Twin helps tools and customers easily store and classify all types of files. Documents can be easily dragged and dropped into BIMcollab Twin where version history is managed automatically. The DMS in our cloud platform keeps track of what happened to each file, who viewed it and when it was edited. All documents are linked to the spatial structure of the building. Users can search per building or floor, but also by project or label. Finding relevant documents is a piece of cake.

Automate processes

In addition, the processes in BIMcollab Twin’s DMS can be fully automated as desired. This is important to keep large amounts of data and documents manageable. With the intuitive interface, every process can easily be translated into an automatic workflow. By default, there are settings for audit rounds, approvals, stamps and notifications. Customers determine the order, deadlines and conditions of the steps themselves. BIMcollab Twin then automatically monitors progress and can coordinate tasks. The progress of the workflow is always clear and recorded in clear reports.

Smart DMS

A good DMS is also prepared for features that might be added later. Recently we have made several upgrades to the DMS, including:

  • linking data from the DMS with 3D models
  • online viewer to access files, documents and drawings online and in real time
  • a PDF editor to edit documents online
  • place (and print) QR codes in approved documents to confirm the correct version on site
  • links with mobile devices so files can also be accessed on construction sites
  • archiving that anticipates possible new regulations such as the Archives Act.

In short; a smart DMS with workflow features creates the basis for easy insights into existing project and property information. At the same time, you are building the foundation for your future-proof property management.