BIMcollab Twin | Multifunctional, that QR Code

I hardly dare to write about it because the corona pandemic has made it a controversial subject: the QR code. Still, I will it because it is a wonderful innovation. At BIMcollab we use it to unlock information from real estate files.

The QR code is that pixeled square with all those black and white blocks that you come across all the time these days. The abbreviation stands for Quick Response Code and it’s the successor to the barcode. Modern smartphones and cameras immediately recognize a QR code as a link to specific information on the internet. Companies can use it to provide information about your organizations to customers, prospects and relations.

Information while building

QR codes can also be used in the construction industry by placing them on (all) parts of a project so that everyone knows exactly where each part is and needs to be placed in a (3D) model. It may seem like science fiction, but it is even possible to start an Augmented Reality (AR) tool via the QR code. This helps with the placement of parts by placing them virtually on a screen of a telephone or tablet so that everyone you immediately sees where and with which materials it must be assembled.

Smart version and drawing management

The QR code is therefore a valuable tool in the realization process. With BIMcollab Twin, every approved drawing is accompanied by a QR code. After all, if a document or drawing is printed, this document may contain outdated information. A quick scan will then determine whether you are working with the most current version of the information.

Property management from meter box

Within housing associations, the use of the QR code has also reached the fuse closet. There QR code unlocks all documents about the relevant building that are important for tenants and engineers. Think of maps, instructions for use of a heating boiler, ventilation or sunshades or/and warranty statements. But you can also provide additional information about maintenance planning, including information about the contact persons.

Multifunctional use

Finally, the QR code is multifunctional. It can be very small, for example a square centimeter on the back of a bolt. But it can also be printed on a square meter or larger for easy recognition and scanning from a distance. The goal is always to quickly have the correct information about location on a tablet or telephone. However you use it, the QR code is an accessible and convenient way to communicate. This awareness is now widespread in society.