Get the most out of BIMcollab ZOOM with Section Planes

Get the most out of BIMcollab Zoom with Section Planes

With this short blog we aim to help you with getting the most out of BIMcollab Zoom, regarding the usage, placing, visibility and functionality of the section planes in BIMcollab Zoom. There are a lot of easy tricks with shortcuts. In this blog we will show you the most important shortcuts for BIMcollab Zoom to save you a lot of time.

Note: equals for Mac users.

First focus on the content – less components will need a smaller section plane, and handling will be even easier.

Create a section plane with short keys . Use the pipet to pick a plane where the section plane will be generated. Hold your Left mouse button to navigate and rotate around your model.

+ Mousewheel will move the section plane. Click on the section plane to select it, click and drag to move the section plane even faster.

Press Right mouse button to flip. will hide the section plane, you will be able to navigate and select components. will suspend and unsuspend the section plane. + click + drag at the edges of the section plane to rotate the section plane.

will create a section box around the selected elements. Use + Mousewheel to increase or decrease its size. will select all elements. Select one of the section planes – will now select all six section planes. Click + drag the whole section box.

Don’t forget to create an issue to recreate and reuse earlier work.