Pointcloud -to- IFC checking: With AutoCorr & BIMcollab ZOOM

Pointcloud to IFC checking: With AutoCorr & BIMcollab Zoom

Identifying issues in complex models with AutoCorr & BIMcollab Zoom

Are you tired of not being able to find field clashes or Scan-to-BIM models that do not match the existing conditions exactly? And what about tracking all of these tedious issues? An interesting solution can be found in the combination BIM & Scan® AutoCorr™ and BIMcollab Zoom, as they are perfect for automatically identifying issues and sharing these with other members of your project team via issue management.

Users of AutoCorr™ have worked with some of the most complex Semiconductor facility models on the planet. These models have thousands of constantly reoccurring issues due to site demands. If AutoCorr™ and BIMcollab works for these complex situations, then they will surely work for you. Let’s take a closer look.

Perfectly aligned

Having a tool for BCF issue management is a must. Users of AutoCorr™ find that managing all their BCF issues in BIMcollab is essential. Especially on large projects like Airports, Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical and Water Treatment facilities.

BIMcollab Zoom enables an effective design review for field clashes, mis-installations and deviation analyses, which all can be produced using BIM & Scan® AutoCorr™. When the issues are discussed and ready, BIMcollab is used to easily manage all the issues.

Feedback from users in design review meetings is that both software companies chose IFC and E57 as input files for their products and “..this fits right in our Open BIM strategies. These tools are perfectly aligned”.

A simple example is the Airport below. Here it is a simple case of validating that the handover model matches the existing retrofit on site. Everyone knows that issues arise on site in the construction industry, but how are they best controlled and monitored?

For this airport, they chose AutoCorr™ and BIMcollab Zoom to initiate their Scan-vs-BIM process. They simply uploaded their IFC coordination models and E57 point clouds up to AutoCorr™ and ran the software at the contacted tolerance allowed. AutoCorr™ enables a quick and accurate visualization of the Scan-vs-BIM. This enables fast, accurate, and objective QA procedures.

During the model validation process, the native design tools were used to correct the model, in combination with BIMcollab BCF Manager and BIMcollab Zoom. These issues were further managed in a collaborative web-based workflow using BIMcollab. This made many analyses possible and enabled reports to be generated with ease.

– Validating that the handover model matches the existing retrofit on site –

These are the BIM tools you need

BIM & Scan® AutoCorr™

A cloud-based solution used for comparing IFC models to E57 point clouds within a user specified tolerance. Click here to login.

BIMcollab Zoom

A popular validation tool and perfect for visualizing the result files (E57 and BCF).
Click here to download for free.

BIMcollab issue management

The cloud-based issue collaboration platform for managing BCF issues that AutoCorr™ finds and BCF files you (might) already have from each stakeholder. Click here to create a free account.