BIMcollab Nexus fits our professional approach

When I started working as an architect, I always wondered how architects used to work before CAD software existed. Now our new employees ask me: How did you manage without an issue management platform? Speaking is Diogo Bastos, BIM Manager at Archipel Generalplanung. ”In a BIM project with more than 10 different disciplines, more than 5 different authoring software tools and around 200 IFC models, efficient communication is the key to success. Thats why we chose for BIMcollab Nexus”

An eye on tooling

Archipel thrives in large, tensive and complex construction projects. The company leads and coordinates architects, specialist planners and specialists, enabling a stable planning and construction process for their clients, with maximum transparency. Bastos: ”The client expects from us the highest level of quality in all deliverables. This is also something we demand from our tooling. We aim to provide every manager, planner and coordinator with the best tools for their field of expertise. As you can imagine, a holistic, systematic planning is particularly important to us – that is why we have consistently been using digital recording of all planning information with BIM for several years now.”

‘Now our new employees ask me: How did you manage without an issue management platform?” Diogo Bastos, BIM Manager


The BIM methodology proved to offer the quality and control characteristics Archipel Generalplanung desired. However, it could also result in a lot of work. Bastos: ”IFC and BCF were the standard data exchange formats right from the start. Previously, we had to send BCF files via email, continuously check numbers of versions and create an immersive overview of all the information in Excel spreadsheets.”

Meticulous match

Next to various BIM applications for design and model checking, Archipel chose for BIMcollab Nexus and BIMcollab Zoom to adequately address the BIM issue management. Bastos: ”When we heard of BIMcollab, it was immediately clear to us that the BCF server platform fits Archipels professional approach. Characteristics such as precise communication, multidisciplinary cooperation and maximum transparency in construction processes, correspond meticulously to our internal standards. After a month we had already run all our desired tests, created a process manual and all BCF managers were ready to go.

“As soon as we connected our BIM software with the BCF managers, we directly concentrated on the essentials.” Diogo Bastos, BIM Manager

Tools the client likes

We now use BIMcollab Nexus as an issue management platform for 3D clash detection, but also for model quality assurance and 3D design reviews during client sessions. It does not matter where the session takes place or whether Solibri, Navisworks or Zoom is used. As soon as the BCF manager works, we can concentrate on the essentials. And it is particularly rewarding to introduce clients to tools that they like and get them truly involved in the BIM process. We have a strong focus on innovation, sustainability and quality. Innovative technologies and methods that enable optimal collaboration between all involved are an important key to our success.”

About Archipel

Archipel Generalplanung is a leading bureau for construction management in Switzerland. Diogo Bastos was born and educated (architecture) in Lisbon and has been working in Switzerland for 6 years. Bastos is BIM Manager at Archipel and Lead of the working group ‘IFC and openBIM Workflows’ at the Swiss buildingSMART Chapter. Bastos: ”We are 100% general planners, as we refer to ourselves. Under this motto, we are the sole contractual partner of the client for all project phases. We offer our clients an optimal alternative to traditional project management – with a minimum of interfaces and maximum planning security.”


COMPANY:Archipel Generalplanung
HQ:Bern, Switzerland
SOFTWARE:BIMcollab Nexus
PROBLEM:A too immersive spreadsheet of BCF issues

Issue management for:3D clash detectionmodel quality assurance3D design reviews
RESULTS:Spend more time on their focus areas.Better involvement of clients.