BIMcollab Twin | BanBouw uses BIMcollab Twin to unlocks building data Oranjekade Helmond

The BanBouw project Oranjekade in the Dutch city of Helmond started work at the end of 2021 and the first contours are already visible. In the housing project, all building data is fully accessible from BIMcollab Twin during the construction process. In a tour the hard work on the 269 homes and apartments is clearly visible.

The Oranjekade is a development on the old Edah site and is a prestigious project. In it, BIMcollab Twin has established links with application partners Beecot (Fieldapp and Augmented Reality) and KYP Project (planning). During a visit to the project, we were given a tour by work planner and BIM coordinator Sander Vereijken, who is jointly responsible for managing the digital and technical processes of work preparations and project implementation.

About the project

The total project comprises of 269 homes in 15 residential blocks. For many years there was a distribution center and offices on the former Edah retail chain from where the wholesaler’s branches would be supplied with articles. Fun fact is that Edah was founded in 1910 in Helmond by four Frisian grocers who wanted to take a stand against the dominant large grocery chains. From 1917, Edah was located in Helmond on the canal, where it has grown into a national supermarket chain. After the acquisition of Edah in 2007, the site was abandoned. But the activity is back in full force from August 2020.

Design, work preparation and execution

Architecten|en|en & Christoph Kohl Architekten created the design. It is nice to see that a wink has been made in the design with references to Edah’s history. For example, the names of the founders can be found in the facades of buildings and the entrance gate of the old office has been incorporated as the facades of a number of homes.

After extensive technical work preparation and calculations, the implementation started. The bored piles have been installed, followed by the foundations of the homes on which the installations and floors are being installed. “Soon we will start placing the walls, which will be supplied and installed prefabricated. Then you will quickly see progress. And that is necessary because the first homes will be delivered at the end of the year,” says Sander Vereijken enthusiastically.


BanBouw’s development project has various technical and logistical challenges. Vereijken mentions that BIMcollab Twin was started immediately from the start as a real estate information platform in order to arrange the digital information provision as efficiently as possible. The entire project was designed and developed in a BIM model and BIMcollab Twin is constantly used during production to collect and bring information to manage the construction process.


Conform planning, the first homes will be delivered by the end of 2022. That’s really fast. “However, before the last residents will settle in and the water tower park is built under the water tower, our job is done. It will now be early 2024,” says Vereijken, who is proud to be part of the construction team of this prestigious project.